10 Reasons NOT to Buy the New iPad 3

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10 Reasons NOT to Buy the New iPad 3The rumors surrounding Apple’s new iPad 3 are running rampant. There’s so much talk and speculation about, well so far about nothing, really. People are talking about when the iPad 3 will be released, discussing the anticipated higher resolution and any other surprises Apple may have in the works.

But talk is cheap and iPads are not.

While we don’t know what the iPad3 will retail for, we know it will be more than the current model iPad2, which already has a healthy price tag.

So let’s look at 10 reasons why one might NOT to buy the new iPad 3…

1. You can buy the iPad2 for LESS. Anytime a newer version of a product is released and sometimes when its announced before the release, the price on the current version drops. As a matter of fact, Best Buy has already dropped the price on iPad 2 devices over the weekend – by about $50. The 16-gigabyte, Wi-Fi-only iPad 2 decreased from $499.99 to $459.99 and the most expensive iPad model, 64-gigabytes with Wi-Fi and 3G , decreased from $829.99 to $779.99. And there are rumors from tech websites that prices will drop as much as $100 when the iPad 3 is launched.

2. What will you do with your iPad 2? How many of you received an iPad 2 for Christmas? So now you’ve owned it for a few months, are you just going to replace it for a newer model with a few tweaks and updates? Amid all of the iPad 3 rumors, I haven’t heard anything revolutionary or ground breaking expected in this model, so I’d say keep your current iPad 2 and spend your money on some useful Apps instead.  Of course if you just have to own the iPad 3 and your iPad 2 will be collecting dust, I’ll volunteer to take it off your hands.

3. Wait for the iPad 4.  It’s only been a year since the iPad 2 was released, the iPad 3 is not likely to have anything revolutionary compared to the current technology. Chances are, the iPad 4 could have significant changes and updates. Yes, there’s always something better around the next corner but why get an iPad 3 if its just an improved version of the iPad 2?

4. Buy a Kindle Fire or Android Tablet Instead. The Kindle Fire released this holiday season is on FIRE and for several reasons – its affordable at only $199, the display is pretty amazing for the price, FREE cloud storage for all Amazon content and access to apps, movies, books etc. Typically the apps also cost less than apps for the iPad. And depending on why/how you use a tablet, the Kindle Fire can most of the work, for a lot less money than the iPad 3.

5. Rumors Suggest the iPad 3 will be more Expensive- I’m not saying we should believe rumors, but I do think rumors about new technology are sometimes worth repeating. And according to cnet there are rumors the iPad 3’s increased resolution in the rumored form of a retina display, will come with a higher price tag of around $70-80 more per model.

6. New Technology Means New Bugs- Now it may or may not be the case, but we all know there have been issues with previous Apple devices that have needed resolutions and frustrated numerous customers. So until the iPad 3 has launched and proven itself, I wouldn’t be standing inline with the masses.

7. Ultrabook vs. iPad 3- The buzz word at the CES 2012 was “ultrabook.” If the price on the iPad 3 is going higher, then is it time to consider an Ultrabook instead? Some rumors suggest the iPad 3 will actually be thicker and heavier than its predecessor due to its battery, leading some to take another look at Android or Windows based tablets or Ultrabooks.

8. iPad 3 Retina Display- An increase in resolution on the surface sounds like a positive change, right? Maybe, but at the moment the buzz is the 2048×1536 resolution will come with its on set of problems: impact on battery life, consume more processing power, take a toll on those already expensive data plans and use more bandwidth. Plus, until app development catches up the iPad 3’s retina display many apps will still look fuzzy.

9. Competition is Heating Up-Android devices are being released almost as often as the weather changes and with each new device are newer, more impressive tech specs. The iPad 3 hasn’t even been released yet but there are devices on the market with resume’s bigger than what Apple’s expected to release on the iPad 3. The Asus Eee Pad Transformer Prime, comes with impressive specs and features that is making it competitive in both the tablet and laptop market. So newer isn’t necessarily better.

10. Android vs. Apple-You aren’t a part of the Apple bandwagon. Your smartphone runs on Android and so you’re used to Android and its apps. Buying an iPad 3 is out of the question for you because you don’t want to buy apps that aren’t compatible on both devices.

What do you think – will you be buying the new ipad3 when it comes out? Why or why not?

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  1. Im happy with my iPad two. We got our daughter the 32 GB FROM target a week ago at 100 cheaper and got a 40 gift card so you can’t beat that.


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