My Favorite Cookware: Bialette Aeternum Collection

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My Favorite Cookware: Bialette Aeternum CollectionI love to cook. As such, I need amazing cookware. Somehow I’ve always had a certain expensive brand stuck in my head – and I’ve always saved my pennies to buy the brand…regardless of price. I’ve never even considered other brands when it came to cookware, until I was given the opportunity to try Bialette Cookware.

My Favorite Cookware: Bialette Aeternum CollectionWhile they have a few different cookware options, it was love at first sight with the Aeternum Collection. And to be perfectly honest with you, I was so enthralled with the beautiful red coloring (it goes beautifully in my white beachy kitchen) that I didn’t pay much attention to the fact that it was eco-friendly as well.

The white, nano-ceramic coating is AHH-MA-ZING! Not only do I LOVE being able to clearly SEE if the pan is clean or not (don’t you guys find it hard to tell on those dark gray surfaces too?), but you can actually use very little to no oil in these giving them a HUGE health benefit to other cookware. They heat up nicely and provide even heat distribution.

The skillet and sauce pan I was sent to try out has easily out performed anything I have ever cooked with EVER. In my entire life. I seriously want to replace my THOUSANDS of dollars worth of pots and pans for THESE instead.

Because you really need to try them for yourself to see why I’m ranting and raving so much about them, I wanted to do the ultimate test in non-stick surfaces…scrambled eggs. Let me show you in pictures what happened…

  1. My Favorite Cookware: Bialette Aeternum CollectionThat’s right folks. I am scrambling up 4 eggs with NO butter, oil or spray whatsover.
  2. Perfect non-greasy eggs with very very little sticking. My mouth is practically on the floor at this point.
  3. There is minor residue after pouring the eggs onto a plate.
  4. I simply ran the pan under the faucet for about 15 seconds. I swear it didn’t touch it with anything and it is SPOTLESS.

I have since used this same saute pan to cook everything from stir-fry to pasta sauce to sausage – and I continue to fall more and more in love with it with each use.

I know you guys don’t know me from that crazy lady using coupons at the store (ahem…), but I promise you I am one of the most picky people I know when it comes to cookware. Aside from what I’ve mentioned above, I also really love the affordability of this collection as well.

The Aeternum cookware line is available in 8”, 10” and 12” sauté pans, a 2-quart saucepan with glass lid and a 12” deep sauté pan with glass lid. Purchase online at and with a suggested retail price of $19.99 – $69.99.

For more information on Bialetti USA, you can find them on Facebook.

Thank you to Bialetti for sending me the above product to review and making my cooking healthier and cleaning of said cooking a no fuss event. I love you.

80 thoughts on “My Favorite Cookware: Bialette Aeternum Collection”

  1. Using a mix of T Fal and some other cheap set but I don’t care for them and need to be thrown out.
    I love that the clean up is easy with the Bialette Cookware!

  2. I’m currently using my 20+ year old Farbarware with random ‘non-stick’ pieces. I love the idea of the white inside and the idea of using less oil.

  3. I currently use Calphalon stainless steel pots and pans. They require alot of oil because they are not non-stick and it is so easy to burn things on them. I love the fact that these pots and pans are white inside and that it will be easy to see if they are clean or not. Also I like the fact that very little oil is needed…


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