It’s a Small World After All

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It's a Small World After All

As children our parents took us to Walt Disney World frequently. My father was in sales and Florida was his territory so we’d pile in the car and drive for hours. Then we would spend a few days swimming in the hotel pool while Dad worked until he was able to take a few days off and we’d hit the park. Unfortunately, I don’t remember a lot about those trips. Luckily we have photos and Mom used to tell us stories about what we liked the most or how our eyes lit up when we saw Mickey Mouse or watched the Main Street Electrical parade.

It's a Small World After All

One of my favorite memories and favorite rides is “It’s A Small World.” On every Disney trip we’d take, Mom would always tell us the story of our first trip to Disney World. Apparently I was very young and a little temperamental on the rides and attractions, with the exception of “It’s A Small World“. According to Mom, on our first boat ride, my eyes were glued on the animated dolls as they moved and sang, and I sat very still in my parents’ lap. When the ride was over I wanted to go again and again and again.

So over the years on every trip I’ve made to the Magic Kingdom, whether I was with family or friends, I’ve always made it a point to ride “It’s A Small World” regardless of how long the line is or if my friends were questioning my choice. For me, the boat ride with the colorful animatronics and the catchy tune will always be my favorite. Now, as a parent, I’m looking forward to the day when we take our children to the most magical place on Earth and climb aboard and I can see their faces and create new memories.  Then maybe they’ll hear the tune in their head, as I do, every time they’re reminded “Its a small world after all.”

It's a Small World After AllFun Facts About It’s a Small World

  • It features over 300 brightly dressed dolls in costumes that represent more than 100 nations
  • The dolls sing the “it’s a small world” song lyrics in 5 languages
  • “It’s a Small World” song was recorded in studios around the world: London, Tokyo, Mexico City, Italy and California
  • This attraction was originally designed by Walt Disney for the 1964 New York World’s Fair
  • Robert and Richard Sherman, composers of Mary Poppins, wrote the theme song
  • Its located in the Fantasyland area at each of the Disney parks

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