10 Unique Wedding Party Gifts

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Aside from the Bride and Groom, the bridal party are some of the most important people at the party. They’re the ones who you couldn’t imagine celebrating your big day without. My bridal party consist of friends old and new who have seen us through the ups and downs despite challenges of time and distance. Not to mention they still call me a friend even after I may have went bridezilla a time or two.

So honoring them on this special day is important and I want gifts as unique as they are. Thankfully the are a host of awesome gifts out there to be found, here are a few of my favorites.

10 Unique Wedding Party Gifts

Personalized Hoodies

I love the vintage cameos on this hoody from Boy Meets Girl. The classic boy meets girl look fits right into a wedding theme and they can be personalized with names, wedding date or bridal party names!

Spa Gift Certificates

Your bridal party does more than just show up on the day of the wedding. From helping stuff hundred of envelopes to keeping you sane while creating seating charts they have your back every step of the way. I love the thought of paying them back with a nice day at the spa. Although, i would probably make it a group affair to treat myself too. ;)

Personalized Wine

Because weddings were designed as a reason to have wine right? Or is that just me?


Custome Perfume/Cologne

There are a few different ways to to do this. You can either design scents for each person or have a perfume bar and allow them to create their own.

Tote Bags / Coolers

I love the tote bag/cooler idea for beach weddings especially. Fill them with supplies like flip flops, towels, sunscreens, the latest best seller for beach reading, bottled water – the possibilities are endless.

Hand Painted Wine Glasses

These glasses can be custome designed with your colors and dress styles – there are even options for guys.

Hand Painted Beer Mugs

Scrabble Gifts

Okay, these are just cute.

Custom Key Chains

Key chains aren’t what I would typically call “unique” but I love that these are hand stamped and custom.

Hanging Travel Bag

Since we’re having a destination wedding it would be nice to have these waiting in the rooms filled with essentials for our party.

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