15 Gorgeous Fall Wedding Centerpiece Ideas

Lately there has been a notable crispness in the air that I haven’t felt in month. That, along with the variety of pumpkin-flavored treats that seem to be popping up everywhere, it would seem that Autumn is upon us. It’s a beautiful season, synonymous with the changing of colors, gorgeous jewel toned fashions, brisk weather and cozy outfits. While some may not think of fall as “wedding season,” leaving spring and summer to hold the title, the vibrant color scheme and cool weather conditions make fall a beautiful time of year to the tie the knot. One of the things about fall is that the season itself lends so much natural beauty that it really makes creating a wedding easy. That doesn’t mean that you have to go with the standard rustic, orange and brown scheme either – although it can be really lovely!

Fall Wedding Bouquets

Fall can be just as much for the women envisioning bright pops of color, sophisticated pallets of dark plum or even the traditional opulence offered by a white color scheme. Centerpieces can be made up of lovely nature inspired bouquets, traditional fall colors or bright pops of daisies, roses and safari sunsets. There are also infinite ways to display the centerpieces: cut low and displayed inside carved out pumpkins, spray painted mason jars, surrounded by tea lights, accompanied with miniature pumpkins, wrapped in burlap or left to speak for themselves inside clear vases in square or round shapes. 

Nature Inspired Fall Wedding Centerpieces

Farm fresh Protea comes in a variety of beautiful shades, accompany it with lush greens and seasonal accent flowers. 

Corn Stalks

This bouquet features farm fresh Banksia and seasonal accent flowers!

Alstoemeria is a flower that comes in a variety of beautiful colors with a unique print. Pair them with mini pumpkins for a natural look.  

Pops of Color Flower Centerpeices

An awesome mix of fall colored, sustainably grown seasonal flowers like Marigolds, Alstroemeria, Safari Sunset, and accents.


I love this retro-modern mix of cut flowers like calla lilies, mums, daisies and more.

One of the great things about roses is that they come in almost any shade, by pairing pinks, oranges and red it’s provides pops of color but still fits in well with fall themed centerpeices.

Elegantly Sophisticated Fall Wedding Centerpieces

Boo Quet
Stunning Orange and White Ranunculus are both delicate and eye catching. 

Orchids are a beautiful wedding flower, lending look that’s elegant and simple. These gold Cymbidium Orchids are perfect for fall weddings.

Roses, spray roses, and daisies create the perfect shades of orange.

Using accessories like burlap and butcher block paper can lend a rustic, fall feel to flowers who wouldn’t ordinarily give off that vibe.

Incorporating White Roses, Ranunculus and Alstroemeria keep this all white bouquet from looking boring and putts off a soft, romantic vibe. 


Calla Lilys are a very traditional, romantic wedding flower. Deep plums, purples and dark pinks play into the jewel tones of fall well. 

Traditional Fall Wedding Centerpieces

Jack O Lanterns
Farm fresh French Marigolds are large flowers that can make an impressive statement! 

 Bouq O Lanterns
Sunflowers are a favorite among fall brides and pairing them with orange-mini pumpkins completes the look.

Cut-to-order Sunflowers, Aster, Silver Dollar Eucalyptus, and accents.

Purchasing farm fresh flowers that are in season is a great way to create fall centerpieces and ensure that your flowers are as fresh as possible. All of these gorgeous eco friendly flowers and bouquet ideas come from The Bouqs Company, featuring farm fresh, cut to order flowers. Right now you can Buy 1 bouquet, get 1 free!

This post is brought to you byThe Bouqs Company but all opinions remain my own. 

80 thoughts on “15 Gorgeous Fall Wedding Centerpiece Ideas”

  1. Oh wow…the bouquet of flowers made out of the calla lilies, mums, daisies (the retro-modern mix you called it) is so eye-catching. I love this combination of colors.

  2. These are beautiful flower arrangements. They would be perfect for a wedding or just a call center piece for your kitchen table.

  3. I have to say that my favourites are the orchids. I know that they are simple but sometimes simplicity is best. I love the fall colours. I got married in October just so I could celebrate the season.

  4. These pictures of centerpieces are gorgeous! Assembling flowers for a wedding doesn’t have to be difficult and arrangements can be simple but beautiful too!

  5. These are stunning, a lot of flower combinations I have not seen before. Love them and the colors – perfect for this time of year.

  6. These are some amazingly beautiful fall wedding centerpiece ideas. I love the flowers with the oranges, purples, and pinks. They are the ones that stick out to me but than again the red, white, blues, and green look amazing too.

  7. We had a summer wedding, and it was before pinterest was huge (2007), but now that I see all the fall and winter ideas, I’m like ” Man we should have gotten married in the fall or winter!” :P

  8. I really love the nature inspired fall centerpiece! My husband and I plan on renewing our vows in five years, I’ll be keeping this in mind!

  9. These are all gorgeous – I just love the warm, rich colors of fall. If we ever renew our vows, I totally want to do it during that time of year!

  10. These are really pretty centerpiece ideas! My wedding was in the Fall- it’s such a beautiful time of year to get marries!!

  11. These are beautiful Wedding centerpieces elegantly arrange the colors of flowers oranges, soft pink, touch of purple and green remind me of cool fall day… Festive union.

  12. Those are some beautiful centerpieces! I had a winter wedding, really thought hard about a fall one though and all of the opportunities!

  13. Wow these are all so absolutely gorgeous. I think they’d all look amazing as centerpieces for sure. I wish I was having a Fall wedding!

  14. Love those dark fall colors. I am not into pastels so all of those flowers would be something I would for sure love as a centerpiece or bouquet.

  15. I am not in the process of planning a wedding but I do love fresh flowers, so a centerpiece can frequently be found on our dining room table. I absolutely adore those unique orange sunflowers!

  16. all of them are really gorgeous. I know a few people that would love a fresh bouquet just because

  17. I’m a sucker for lilies!! All of these are so beautiful, love the pops of orange. We went to a wedding this fall and they used something similar to the one with the white roses. So so pretty!

  18. I think a Fall wedding is so much nicer than a Summer one. Everyone is not so hot and miserable, esp. if it’s outside (not saying I don’t love summer because I do, but for a lot of special events, Fall is def. better).

  19. These are all beautiful arrangements! I love fall colors. They give us the most gorgeous looking bouquets. Will share this with a friend who will marry soon.

  20. Everything is just lovely! This year, I’ve come to appreciate fall better when I was on a trip to Japan. I fell in love with the colors and more colors.

  21. These colors are just so awesome orange, purple, pink and even red would look so lovely centerpiece for any Wedding occasion.

  22. I love the dark purple calla lilies which is what I had as my bouquet at my wedding so I may be slightly biased but I think they are beautiful!

  23. All these centerpieces are lovely. I cannot choose which one I’d love to have. I will suggest these to my best buddy at work. Her sister is getting married soon.

  24. I was trying to pick a favorite but I can’t decide, everything is beautiful. So beautiful! I’m so in love with the colors.

  25. I love the centerpieces with wildflowers and less traditional plants. I’d love a nature-inspired ones that remind me of the native plants in my home state.

  26. So glad to fianlly have aname for ranunculas. Love them but never knew the name before. I love the red/turquoise combo. It would be so unexpected and unique!

  27. We didn’t have tables at our wedding so I didn’t have to think about centerpieces. These all look like lovely suggestions. I love the colors.

  28. I had an Autumn wedding and out centre pieces contained leaves of red and gold and brown. We even had pinecone hedgehogs in them.

  29. Wow, those are gorgeous!
    And you have made me think, we have my son;s Bar Mitzvah in June and I have to think about some kind of center piece, you got my brain going and for that I thank-you!

  30. I am a fall person and love the colors that fall brings so I really like the bouquets you pictures. What a great deal for the buy one get one right now! I think I will surprise a friend that just got home from the hospital.


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