Would Your SUV Make it to Hell and Back?

When was the last time you took your car rock climbing? If the answer is Never, you either aren’t much of an adventure-seeker or you are driving the wrong car.

For those that want to go barreling down the side of a mountain or navigate the ascent of a rocky ledge, there is no shortage of trails in the United States that will surely keep you white-knuckling the entire drive.

In Utah, the desert terrain and desolate stretches of red-rock offer prime real estate for danger seekers especially Moab in the eastern part of the state.

2019 kia sorento

Moab is the gateway to Arches National Park and from its borders there are views of the La Sal Mountains and Colorado River.

It’s extreme terrain has made it the perfect place for a particularly tricky obstacle course known as Hell’s Revenge.

As one of the most difficult and obstacle-laden off-road trails in the world, car companies have been known to test out their models to see if they have what it takes to survive treacherous segments such as Lion’s Back and Potato Salad Hill that makeup this death-defying path.

This course isn’t for the everyday driver. Stretches like the Slick Rock Bike Trail and hills known as the Tip-Over-Challenge and Rubble Trouble require not only expert drivers but high performance vehicles that can anticipate every turn and execute hair-trigger moves.

So it is no surprise that car companies bring their best sporty models to Moab to prove what they are really made of. Enter Kia.

2019 kia sorento

Kia probably isn’t what many consider synonymous with thrill-seeking vehicles. In its early days, Kia struggled to be taken seriously with its baseline models and BOGO deals.

But over the decades, it has changed tremendously and grown into an award winning company that rivals some of the major brands that have existed decades before Kia was even conceived.

From economical and green to family friendly and even a new GT (the Kia Stinger, hell yeah!), Kia is striving to reach out to every kind of driver giving them an affordable car that not only fits their lifestyle but their personality.

When you take all of that into consideration, it isn’t surprising that they have decided to show up in Moab and take on the dangers of the red-rock landscape.

So which car is it that they will be showcasing at the mouth of Hell’s Revenge?

Drum roll, please!

The 2019 Kia Sorento!

2019 kia sorento

This sporty model has been one of the favorite Kia models for many drivers for a variety of reasons.

The 2017 Kia Sorento was named the Best 3 Row SUV for the Money by U.S. News and World Report, Highest Ranked Midsize SUV in Initial Quality, 2 out of 3 years in a row, and it earned the top IIHS top safety pick award as well as NHTSA overall 5 star safety rating – just to name a few.

In May 2017, they produced their one millionth Sorento CUV in the West Point facility in Georgia which was a major milestone for the car and the company.

Now, they are taking one of their best selling, award winners and making it even better.

Rumor has it, the 2019 Sorento has had a bit of a facelift and powertrain enhancements which will be put to the test at Hell’s Revenge this Thursday, November 30th.

While most Sorento drivers won’t be taking on off-road terrain, it will be comforting to know that the 2019 Kia Sorento can handle it.  

Disclaimer: As ya’ll know, Kia provides the cars and I share the experience. All opinions are mine, all mine. 

18 thoughts on “Would Your SUV Make it to Hell and Back?”

  1. This is something that people who go on road trips would love! I think the car has a lot of awesome features that anyone would enjoy. The exterior is sleek and modern too, love it!

  2. That is pretty amazing! I really love this brand because they have efficient and family friendly cars. This has a lot of awesome features.

  3. I love Kia but my the Sorento is one of my faves. It’s great to know it can get you where you need to go and then back. Looks like a great adventure!

  4. Mine only made it to Canada. Not sure I’d attempt to take it to Hell though lol. The Kia Sorento looks like a car I wouldn’t mind attempting the drive in though.

  5. I have a Kia Optima and I love it. My daughter had a Kia Soul. They don’t handle as well as this Sorento, I’m sure, but they’re good cars.

  6. The Kia Sorento looks like a really handsome vehicle. However, choosing a vehicle should not only be about how good it looks on the outside. I always check for driver and passenger safety features, fuel efficiency, technology and driving comfort. I think the Kia Sorento has it all. I will seriously consider this if we are in the market for an SUV.

  7. We own a 2012 Kia Sorento and absolutely love it. Not only has it been super reliable, it handles well too. This new model is gorgeous and makes for a very tempting upgrade!

  8. My husband would love to take a ride in Hell’s Revenge! I love the Kia brand, so I would love to take a Sorento for a drive!

  9. I love this. I am not sure how far my vehicle would make it but the Kia Sorento is gorgeous. It has many features that are appealing and it looks nice!

  10. Hell’s Revenge looks awesome! I would like to go there, perhaps on a press release for a car, like Kia. Everything I’ve heard about all the Kia models have been positive.

  11. I’ll be honest I never thought much of Kia when it comes to comparing to other more “well known” car brands but wow the Sorrento is now on my radar!


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