Get in the Holiday Spirit with Text Messages From Santa!

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If you are looking for a way to inspire the Christmas spirit or get in touch with Santa, this is the perfect place to do so. They offer emails, handwritten letters and even text messages from Santa!

Recently, my 3 year old son asked me something that broke my heart. We were driving home from a play date when he said, “Mom, is Santa real?” I caught his gaze in the rearview mirror, and his big blue eyes were rimmed with tears. I felt my own tears well up as I saw how devastated he looked. This was the first year he was old enough to understand the idea of Santa, and the magic of Christmas. We had spent weeks talking about the wonderful things Santa does and the importance of behaving so that Santa would deliver a present under the Christmas tree. However, one of his friends had an older sibling that had told him Santa was not real. In an instant, all that magic and excitement was taken away.

Text Messages from Santa

I quickly dispelled his fears and reassured him that Santa was very real. I had to carefully rebuild the idea of holiday magic in his mind, and it made me want to go above and beyond the standard Santa mall-visit. I wanted to give him back that special feeling he had when he met Santa and told him what he wanted for Christmas. He had hopped off Santa’s lap with a huge smile and told me about how Santa’s sleigh would come to our house and deliver his present because he had been such a good boy this year. He had such pride and joy radiating from his little smile that it filled my heart with happiness. I wanted to give that joy back to him. So I was thrilled when I discovered! It was exactly what I was looking for to restore holiday cheer in my little one. has several Christmas services to make the holidays just as special and magical as they should be for everyone, young and old. If you are looking for a way to inspire the Christmas spirit or get in touch with Santa, this is the perfect place to do so. They offer emails, handwritten letters and even text messages from Santa! Your kids can correspond with Santa all holiday season while receiving fun facts and reminders to help them stay on the nice list.

What kid doesn’t want to get a text from Santa Claus?

Text Messages from Santa

The site is a place for anyone to revitalize their holiday cheer. There are variety of activities to keep kids busy while they are home waiting for Santa’s arrival. Enjoy downloadable coloring pages and have your older kids read Santa’s blog to see what he does to prepare for Christmas. Parents will also find jokes and even Santa Libs as a fun and educational past time. It is full of entertaining holiday activities for everyone ages 1 to 120 and encouraging the holiday spirit while promoting good habits and reading. It is the perfect place to find holiday cheer and talk to Santa in a safe online environment. 

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If you’d like to follow along on social media, @GarlandTheElf is’s official spokes-elf who can provide info about new products, services and promotions. You can also follow @Santadotcom, which is Santa’s personal Twitter account! 

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Text Messages from Santa


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  1. How cool! Kids would be thrilled to get a text message from Santa! I will pass this on to my cousins who have young kids. Sharing the link for the giveaway with them too! Thanks!


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