3 Uses for Affordable Self Storage

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You could be forgiven for thinking that the days of self-storage rentals are all in the past.

Shows like Storage Wars have not painted them in the best possible light.

They are portrayed as containers where people dump piles of junk, only to be later scavenged by opportunists searching for unlikely treasure.

This image of self-storage is not only uncharitable, but unfair. It also might prove harmful if you find yourself in need of self-storage but end up avoiding it due to an untrue stereotype. 

Why Would I Need an Affordable Self Storage Unit?

The list of excuses to use affordable self storage is practically endless.

Maybe you’re moving, maybe you’re downsizing, or your kids are finally out of the house and have too many things to store in their own apartments.

Whatever the case may be, we all could benefit from a little more space at home!

affordable self storage

Life is nothing if not unpredictable. We end up doing a lot of things in an emergency that we didn’t think we would do.

Emergencies have a way of stripping away our preconceptions and misconceptions about the world. 

Many self-storage units are more luxurious than some apartments. They are spacious, climate controlled, well-lit, and well-secured.

Do a search for storage in Los Angeles to find the best rates for some of the best self-storage options in the region. 

In Case of Emergency

Let’s not leave the idea of an emergency too quickly. We are in the throes of one of the most devastating storm seasons in recent memory.

If you live in the south and east, you are probably know how to prepare for a hurricane in your sleep.

Unfortunately, a lot of people are finding themselves in a state of emergency at this very moment and they have been forced to evacuate their homes.

When they return, they might find that while the house is in need of repair, the furnishings and valuables are recoverable.

flooding in home

However, if you don’t have a home, you need some place to store those valuables until things begin to settle. 

Emergencies come in all shapes and sizes. You might find that you have to take in your parents, or even your adult kids for a while.

That will be difficult when the spare room is being used for storage. That is one of those little emergencies that transforms a self-storage rental into a viable option.

When emergencies come knocking, you are probably going to need a place to store your stuff.


Did you find life in your 3,000 square foot McMansion to be not all you had hoped? Is the mortgage bigger than the joy you get from living in too much space?

It might be time to move into something half that size. The problem with moving into something smaller is that you will not have enough room for all the stuff you accumulated in the bigger space.

You never really get a day of rest because you are constantly dusting and cleaning and decluttering and trying to find space to move around in your own home. 

moving boxes

When you downsize, you are not going to want to just toss everything out like garbage.

You probably have several nice pieces that simply will not fit in your new digs. That is when you should look into temporary storage.

If you have a lot of pieces, you might want to consider long-term storage. Just be sure to set a few limits.

Past a certain point, long-term becomes permanent. Sell it off and move on with your more manageable life.


If you have a vending business, you are probably used to using your house to store your cases of drinks and boxes of potato chips.

However, that becomes real old, real fast when you are constantly tripping over your inventory in an attempt to get to your couch.

home office inventory

Many vendors use storage units to keep their supplies because those units are climate controlled.

They also open up space in your home in case you want to have guests.

Any business that requires you to keep a certain amount of inventory on hand can greatly benefit from a quality self-storage rental. Best yet, the cost is a tax write-off. 

So in summary, storage rentals can be a godsend, especially in emergencies, downsizing, and inventory storage. 

What have you used your self storage for?

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