5 Tips to Pamper Yourself At Home

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When we first moved to Jacksonville, I was so excited to get a membership at the local spa for a monthly massage and mani/pedi, but between dance lessons, soccer games and work, my membership is lucky to be used every couple of months. Luckily, the benefits do not expire, not-so-luckily, the treatments do! So by month three my pedicure has grown out and my manicure has all but chipped completely away. The relaxing effects of that massage? Long since worn off. In order to save my sanity, I’ve been indulging in some DIY at home pampering. In an effort to create a truly relaxing experience and not just another item on my to-do list, I’ve put together a few Tips to Pamper Yourself at Home. 

5 tips to pamper yourself at home

5 Tips to Pamper Yourself at Home

Create a Spa Kit

It’s hard to find zen when you’re hunting down fingernail polish from one drawer, cuticle trimmers from another and using the kid’s character lotion because yours is MIA. Keep all of your spa products in two easy to grab kits – one for products you use in the shower, and one for products you use outside of the shower. 


Stock Your Spa Kit

  • Cozy Towels – There is nothing more luxurious than a big plush towel, you know, the kind you would find at a 5 star luxury hotel. I like to keep two on hand. 
  • Body Sponge or Loofah Bath Brush
  • Lighting – A couple of candles or lighted scent warmers will do the trick.
  • A good DIY Sugar Scrub 
  • A Beauty Bar or Body Wash
  • The Perfect Shade of Color – Nothing makes me feel more polished and “complete” than a good shade of polish on my fingers and toes. 
  • Creamy Lotion 
  • Mani/Pedi Tools – Pumice stones, files, clippers, tweezers, cuticle nippers, nail nippers, cuticle pusher and nail cleaner are all good essentials. 

The Right Music

This is different for everyone. Some people prefer a spa-like sound track featuring nature sounds while others like to create a custom playlist. You could even take it old school with a mixed CD. 

A Good Book or Chic Flick

Relaxation shouldn’t end after the pampering! Grab a couple of plush pillows and spend the next hour reading or taking in your favorite rom-com. 

No Kids Allowed

My children have taken over every part of our home. I love that every square inch is a reflection of our personalities and our family unit. Except our bedroom and private bath. I try very hard to keep these areas as kid free as possible. I need a place that is just for grown-ups. A place to rest, relax and recharge. No legos to trip over, baby dolls swaddled in my bed and random cracker crumbs embedded in the carpet.

Get a Home Massage

And if you can swing it – hire someone to give you an in-home massage OR get your partner to give you a massage! Dave from www.future-focus.eu said: ‘Having a home massage is a great way to relax, from hiring a professional to visit you at home or getting a partner to help out, massages require minimal preparation and anyone can have a go.’

How do you like to pamper yourself at home?

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