9 Epic Deck Ideas For Your Backyard Paradise

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I am in deck fantasy land…With a new house and a new backyard in desperate need of a remodel, I have gotten sucked into an internet vortex during my search for deck ideas. I admit, I might have gotten a little out of my budget. Ok, a lot but a girl can dream, right? In my hours of deck gazing, I have come across some EPIC decks and backyard masterpieces. None that I can currently afford, but some that deserve to be shared. Here are 9 of my favorite deck ideas for backyard fantasies. 

Deck ideas

This beautiful work of art from Home Epiphany not only has a glorious pool, but there is also an outdoor kitchen. It’s simple design and warm tones are inviting and the perfect place to host summer parties.  

Deck ideas

Home Stratosphere featured an island like deck surrounded by a water feature. I fell in love with the unique design and the feeling of seclusion which would be great for an evening away from home right in my own backyard.

Deck ideas

You can’t go wrong with a sleek design or a fabulous pool. This design from Best of Interiors has plenty of space with rich tones that compliment the natural elements. Its gorgeous features are nicely showcased and visible throughout the house.

Deck 21

At Drawhome.com this bold design allows for an unimpeded flow from indoor to outdoor. The waterfall is a fun accent to the stone work and substantial architecture giving the space a classically modern feel. I would love to have such an open floor plan that goes from living space right to the pool.   

Deck 14

I know this isn’t a “deck”, but it is an amazing centerpiece for any backyard oasis. This design is found on All Fire Place Ideas along with plenty other patio creations. Curling up next to a cozy fireplace overlooking the water is like a slice of backyard heaven!  

Deck 15

Here is a poolside sanctuary found on Minimalisti. The bridge over the pool is a beautiful feature that combines the entrance to the deck and a separate seating area. I might have a hard time keeping my son from jumping off the bridge into the pool.

Deck 16

The geniuses of design, HGTV have this awesome deck featured on Amazing Hardscapes. With a massive flowing water feature and a variety of garden elements, this deck feels like it adds to the natural surroundings instead of disrupting it

Deck 18

At PK Lattest I discovered this winding, inviting deck with warm two-tones. It has a lot of space to accommodate large parties while still feeling cozy. The innovative wrap around design is my favorite part of this deck.

Deck 10

I stumbled upon this incredibly unique deck in the article 25 Awesome Pools with Equally Awesome Decks from Home Epiphany. Modern, funky designs really appeal to me, and I would love to be able to build a massive statement deck like this.

Do you have any amazing deck inspirations to share?

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