9 Terrible Baby Shower Ideas

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I admit, my family has an odd sense of humor. When my sister announced she was pregnant recently, the ladies in the family got together to discuss a baby shower.

In between the baby shower gifts, cute game ideas and delicious menu items, we got a little sidetracked by the crazy and bizarre ideas we stumbled upon.

Full of terrible baby shower ideas, we jokingly pitched them to my sister with our best poker faces.

While she was less than amused by our ideas, we found it pretty hilarious that people thought of these ideas in the first place.

If you need a good laugh, here are some of the worst ideas we discovered.

Or if you are looking for what to avoid at a baby shower, here is where you should start.

Pin the What, Where?

Pin the sperm on the egg! This idea pretty much ruins the age old game of pin the tail on the donkey. Probably best not to involve any sperm or eggs in your games.

Labor vs. Ecstasy

This game uses cut out pictures of women’s faces during labor and ones in the midst of adult activity and placed side by side on a handout.

9 Terrible Baby Shower Ideas cute surprised baby

Then, guests must choose which is which. Not a game your Grandmother will probably want to play.

The Conception

Using a plunger and a roll of toilet paper, guests re-enact the basic idea of conception.

Yes, you read that right.

toilet paper roll heart

After pairing off, one person holds a plunger between their knees and their partner faces them with a roll of toilet paper between their knees.

Then they have to waddle towards each other and get the plunger through the roll of toilet paper without using their hands.

If not awkward, this game might lead to a very unfunny injury.

Diaper Game

Guests are given a roll of toilet paper which they must use to make a diaper for whomever has drawn the short straw.

Somehow I feel like embarrassing your guests isn’t the best baby shower game idea.

Labor Cake

Never would I have thought a bakery would make a cake that resembles the act of labor, but apparently they do. There are a variety of cakes depicting women in labor to complete close ups. 

Don’t search the images online.

Stop it – just don’t. Take my word for it. (Although I know you probably will)

Go with a traditional cake. No one is going to want to eat a labor cake.

Chewing Gum Baby

Using a stick of gum, guests must chew up the piece then use it to shape it into a baby. The one that most looks like a baby wins.

chewing gum

If not odd, this isn’t a very sanitary game.

Smell the Diaper

Everyone has to sniff melted candy bars in diapers and properly identify the candy bar.

If you don’t win, you might lose weight since you are never going to want a candy bar again.  

Bobbing for…What?

Using nipples from baby bottles, this game requires guests to literally bob for nipples. Not exactly a makeup friendly kind of game.

baby bottle nipple

Adult Entertainment

You are probably thinking…who would do that? But, it does happen. For reasons I do not understand, some people actually have, ahem, entertainment come to the party.

Some even feel it is appropriate to have the entertainment dress up as a baby.

Uh, if your guests are turned on by a grown man in diapers, you probably don’t want to know about it so let’s just not.

What are some of the worst baby shower game you’ve encountered?

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