Can Summer Stay…I just Got Amazing New Sandals!

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“The average woman walks three miles more per day than the average male.” –

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If you are a woman reading this, especially a mom, you know the statement above is so very true. From the moment we snap out of bed in the morning, we are on our feet. From school drop offs and office hustling to grocery pick up and chasing the kids, our feet never stop supporting and carrying us through the chaos of the day. All that hard work can be torturous on your feet. During the summer, it is easy to toss on those cheap, flat flip flops, but you may be doing yourself harm. also states that in our 30s and 40s, the fat pads of our feet begin to wear down and cause foot pain if not properly supported. It becomes necessary to start caring for your feet everyday not just occasionally.

I live in sandals, and I am guilty of wearing unsupportive footwear even though there are better options. As a former ballet dancer, an avid runner, and don’t forget nine months of pregnancy, my feet are not what they used to be. I constantly suffer from pain in my arches as well as on the balls of my feet. With age it has moved from my feet to my knees and my back. From foot pain to back pain, I know it can be traced back to my flat, lacking shoes as I spend my days chasing around my two year old and trying to keep up with everyday life. I want to have energy and feel good as I go about my day, and with plenty of summer still left in the air, I have started wearing ABEO’s New Blythe Sandal to save my aching feet.

feet 13_collageThe ABEO B.I.O. systemⓇ has a footbed that molds to your feet over time creating a unique fit just for you. The natural cork sole provides shock absorbing support and 3 different arch options to provide you with everything you need to keep your feet happy. Soft suede lining offers moisture control and the durable rubber sole is made to last as well as prevent slipping on those rainy summer afternoons. The straps are breathable Nubuck leather that come in a variety of colors and patterns with Velcro for convenient adjusting. Authentic looking buckles completely conceal the Velcro and add decoration.

feet 6_collageI have been breaking in my Blythe sandals all week while running errands and keeping up with my two year old. The much-needed support has given not only my feet relief, but they have also relieved my back and knee pain as well. When I am in less pain, I am in a better mood and I can get so much more done. Who would have thought better footwear could make such a difference? I can honestly say I will be wearing these sandals until the first snowfall.  

ABEO Blythe Sandals

The ABEO Blythe Sandals have become my new favorite summer go to. I can literally wear these all day without any kind of irritation. They bend and move with me everywhere I go while supporting my feet so my feet can support me. This one small adjustment in my daily routine has made a world of difference in how I feel, and I have tossed all of my flat, lifeless sandals for good.  

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