10 Awesome Groomsman Gift Ideas That Don’t Suck

Forget the cigars and cufflinks, check out these 10 awesome groomsman gift ideas that don’t suck.

It’s a tradition that bride and groom thank their wedding party, with a thoughtful gift, for being with them on their big day. The bridesmaid’s gifts tend to be easy, but the groomsmen can be a little more difficult to shop for. Especially if you want to find meaningful and awesome groomsman gifts that don’t suck.

Awesome Groomsman Gift Ideas

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10 Groomsman Gift Ideas That Don’t Suck

Vanguard Pewter Tankard

For thousands of years, pewter has been used to make tankards and steins to serve beer in pubs across the world. In fact, when most pewter was replaced by porcelain in the 18th century, pub regulars opted to keep their personal tankards behind the bar for continued use. Pewter, as the go-to for tankards, withstood the test of time for a few reasons – it’s durable, doesn’t alter the taste of beer, easy to clean and won’t tarnish over time.

Probably the biggest reason pewter tankards like the Vanguard make an awesome groomsman gift that doesn’t suck? Pewter is proven to hold temperatures for longer, keeping their brewskis frosty and frothy. Made by The Crafted Cup Company, a pewter tankard is the perfect gift for the man who appreciates real craftsmanship, both in his cup and in its contents.

I had them engrave this tankard with a logo that I designed for our wedding because we wanted to keep it as a keepsake for our own use. To give as gifts, I’d recommend something more personal by engraving each groomsman’s name or a fun (only slightly embarrassing?) nickname. (The tankard is so shiny it’s a little tricky to photograph, but the engraving looks incredible in person.)

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Awesome Groomsman Gift Ideas

Star Wars Beard Comb

Beards are IN. Especially during the month of November. This is the perfect time to pick up a Star Wars Beard Comb for your groomsmen. 

Awesome Groomsman Gift Ideas

Expedition Fine Leather Passport Cover

This genuine leather passport cover with initial engraving is the perfect groomsmen gift for destination weddings.  

Awesome Groomsman Gift Ideas

Personalized Cigar Cutter and Ashtray Drawer

This cigar cutter and ashtray drawer comes in a personalized ebony wood finish with a stainless steel cigar rest, cigar punch and removable stainless steel basin. 

Awesome Groomsman Gift Ideas

Personalized Docking Station

Compatible with Apple iPhone and Apple Watch, the docking station has a phone and watch clot plus 2 dowels for key chains, Fitbits, glasses and more, with slot at bottom that fits your wallet.

Awesome Groomsman Gift Ideas

Large Leather Toiletry Kit

This is a large leather toiletry kit, personalize for free and perfect for your groomsmen. 

Awesome Groomsman Gift Ideas

Personalized Poker Gift Set

Perfect for boys night, this is the ultimate DELUXE Poker Set. It comes with a 300 piece poker chip set that is professional-weight casino quality in a custom engraved Rosewood case. 

Awesome Groomsman Gift Ideas

Vintage Grooming Shave Kit

Beautiful vintage and rustic grooming shave kit is made by hand and custom engraved. The shaving kit features a whole line of shave products including a personalized box, razor, bowl, brush, balm, and shave soap. 

Awesome Groomsman Gift Ideas

Custom Bobbleheads

For the groomsmen with a sense of humor, these custom bobbleheads are a win. The head is sculpted to match photos you submit.

Awesome Groomsman Gift Ideas

Personalized Beer Bottle Opener

Designed to hang on the wall, or be freestanding, these engraved beer bottle openers are awesome. 

There you have it! Ten cool, fun, masculine items to inspire gift-gifting on your big day. (Sounds a little backwards, doesn’t it?!) What do you think the ultimate groomsman gift would be? If you’re already married – what did you gift?

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16 thoughts on “10 Awesome Groomsman Gift Ideas That Don’t Suck”

  1. Awesome gift list. I could pick a gift from this list for my brother. He is really hard to gift and he is always the last one I buy a gift for. I think he will love the large leather toiletry kit and the passport holder sincee he is always out traveling because of his job.

  2. Not a groomsman, but a beard wearer…my husband would love that Star Wars comb. I didn’t even realize there were options when it came to combs!

  3. No, these certainly don’t suck! So much better than the traditional flask. One that my husband got and never uses. These though, he’d definitely use.

  4. I absolutely love that passport cover. I’d gift it to one of the men in our family, only because it’s Christmas. Any other time of year, that bad boy would be all mine. :) I can def. see how it makes a great groomsman gift idea too! Awesome!

  5. These gift suggestions are fantastic! If I were to choose one gift, it would be the personalized docking station. I could even use one of them myself!

  6. What a fantastic list of groomsman gift ideas. I Love that they are different and unique. I am sure they will be quite popular for anyone planning a wedding!

  7. That docking station is such a cool idea! There are so many gifts that you can give a groomsman that are just awful. I’d rather give them something amazing.

  8. It’s been a long time since I’ve had to think about this! I think these are wonderful suggestions for people who are getting married and picking their groomsmen.


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