Your Child’s Baby Teeth Could Be A Potential Cure

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In the whirlwind of my pregnancy, I never got around to researching how to store my son’s umbilical cord for the potential use of its stem cells. I was certain that I had lost my chance. From time to time I felt a pang of guilt as I considered the possible advancements in science that would make stem cells a life-saving resource, but I missed my opportunity, leaving my son without the option. Yet, science never ceases to amaze me, and for those still wishing they could bank stem cells for their children, you can now save them from your child’s dental pulp. The dental pulp is rich in stem cells and can be extracted from teeth when a child loses one or has any wisdom or baby teeth removed. The cells found in dental pulp are some of the most widely researched cells with untapped potential in the realm of regenerative medicine. Science is moving closer to using this unspecialized cells to transform them into the specialized cells needed to help repair injuries or aid in illnesses. Store-A-Tooth can help you bank your child’s teeth and save the stem cells for potential use during medical intervention.   

Baby Teeth stem cells

Currently, there are over 1,700 clinical trials that have been completed or are still in research phases that are testing how stem cells can be used as a therapeutic way to treat a variety of diseases and genetic disorders. There are trials being done specifically on stem cells from dental pulp and their ability in treating spinal cord injury, corneal damage and a variety of other injuries. A recent trial in Japan used stem cells from dental pulp in baby teeth and wisdom teeth on rats with spinal cord injuries, and they found that it healed the injuries and even restored some ability to walk. There has even been research done on how it can help in Type 1 Diabetes. As a disease that affects close to 1 million Americans and is frequently diagnosed in children, this is a promising development in the world of medicine.   

By banking your child’s stem cells, you have the opportunity to offer them the chance at unprecedented wellness. They could potentially have their own stem cells banked and waiting to be used in the event of an illness or injury. Store-A-Tooth makes it easy to store your child’s teeth, and they offer a monthly payment plan for original state preservation to make storage something you can work into your monthly budget. In some instances they can also provide need based grants, and they offer discounts for prepaid storage, multiple teeth and returning families.

Baby Teeth stem cells

To get started, you have to set up a plan before you child starts losing their teeth. Once you decide which plan is right for you, Store-A-Tooth works directly with your dentist and has them ship your child’s teeth straight to the facility where they will be properly handled and stored. You will also receive an itemized report on exactly what is extracted from your child’s teeth and stored in the cultured cell preservation.

You can choose from two different kinds of preservation.

Original State Preservation

A portion of the tooth sample is processed before being frozen. It is left it in its original state as close as possible to the condition it is when the tooth came out. This allows for the cells to be used to their maximum potential in the future even if manipulation methods are different than they are today.

Cultured Cell Preservation  

During this process, the stem cells in the dental pulp are actually removed and grown in culture in multiple storage vials which will increase the amount of stem cells stored. This also allows any potential contamination to be handled at this time, and there is enough tissue for testing to validate what is precisely in the sample. While the cost is more than original state preservation, this method increases the odds for future potential use. You will also receive an itemized report of what was extracted and stored.  

We spend so much time planning for our children’s future and saving money for their education, but by banking their baby teeth you might be saving their lives. Something as simple as their baby teeth could provide a future cure to an illness or injury. Visit Save-A-Tooth for more information.  

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