Baked Garlic Spinach Chips Recipe

Twelve minutes feels like ETERNITY when your house is filled with the smell of Garlic Spinach Chips baking in the oven. As I sat and stared at an entire bag of fresh spinach leaves and thought, “How am I going to get my family to eat all of that before it goes bad?” about 20 minutes ago, I had no idea that this is where I would be now. Salivating. Staring into the oven window, impatiently. Opening the door every 3 minutes to make sure everything is still there and not mysteriously eaten already.  

baked garlic spinach chips

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If you’re looking at this photo and thinking that it doesn’t look like an entire 9oz bag of spinach, you would be correct. It’s not. I ate one chip, and then without even knowing it had inhaled about 50 more before I realized I had already eaten over half the bag. This is what’s left and I’m sad to report that the only opinion on taste you’ll get is from me because they probably won’t last til Ben gets home. Go ahead and try them yourself and feel free to get creative with your toppings. Pre-heat the oven to 350 and grab some fresh spinach. I had a 9oz bag of pre-washed, ready to eat in the fridge, but you can do it the hard way and buy/clean a bunch by hand if you like. baked garlic spinach chips 1 Most recipes will tell you to add olive oil and mix by hand in a bowl to cover. I’ll be honest, after I took the above photo I threw the spinach back into the bag and added 2 tablespoons of olive oil (Thank you to Emile Noël Organic Olive Oil for providing product to use in this recipe!) directly to the bag and shook it around til everything was mixed up (why dirty up an extra bowl to wash?).

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Most recipes also simply go with dry spices (like garlic powder) but I highly recommend that if you have fresh garlic laying around – USE IT. You can mince it or slice it, but either way it will taste one thousand times better than using Garlic Powder. Throw about 2 teaspoons worth into the bag and shake it up. Then place in a single layer on a cookie sheet lined with parchment paper. baked garlic spinach chips 2 You don’t want them to overlap, or else they won’t get crispy. But as you can see, I wasn’t too concerned with having them perfectly arranged. Add salt and pepper to taste and if you like spicy, try some cayenne too! baked garlic spinach chips 3 Bake at 350 for 12 minutes and then turn the oven off and let them sit for another 5 minutes.  baked garlic spinach chips 4 These taste amazing warm and I’m willing to bet you eat them all right up off the baking sheet (that’s what I did!). They do tend to get a little soggy and absorb the moisture in the air so these are one of those things you want to eat immediately anyway.

Idea: I’ll bet this would be amazing tossed with homemade Bacon Bits and put on top of your favorite hamburger! What do you think?

24 thoughts on “Baked Garlic Spinach Chips Recipe”

  1. This looks delicious! this is one recipe that I’ll be making soon . .. just harvested my garlic so looking forward to using some with spinach!!

  2. I tried making these today and they were soooo good! Only problem I ran into was the leaves sticking to the parchment paper. I have some green pans that have yet to fail me so next round I’ll try those. Thanks so much for sharing this recipe!

  3. I’m all about healthy snacks and have to try making these! My husband would flip out if he came home and saw these…but maybe like you I’d eat half the bags worth haha!

  4. This is just the recipe I have been looking for! I tried to make these on my own last year and they came out terrible. I definitely need some guidance and yours look delicious.

  5. We just tried making kale chips this weekend, and that didn’t work out too well. I like spinach much more than kale though, so maybe we should try this!

  6. yummo! I would add some bacon bits in a heartbeat! What about over some cheese slices on a cracker?! Eat the rainbow!

  7. I just pinned this, because OH MY GOSH. I have to make these this weekend. I’m almost willing to bet my son would eat these too, and he rarely eats vegetables without bribery.

  8. Hmmm I’ve done apple chips and banana chips in a way similar to this but I’ve never done any form of vegetable. I’m going to have to give this a try :)


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