Dream Bathroom Inspirations

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Omega Cabinentry

I can not accurately describe how ugly my bathroom is. There are just no words to convey the hideousness. It’s been in a state of remodel since we moved in but because the door is so easily and often shut, it’s easy to forget the atrocity; especially when there are other areas of our home begging for attention. But it’s always been on my wish list. I’ve wanted a bathroom that feels like an oasis. I want to go in for a long bubble bath and escape the world for a while. My bathroom style has always been torn between the feel of a spa and a vibrant, homey look.

Omega Cabinentry

Omega Cabinentry

It’s the perfect blend of vibrancy and spa likeness. 

A vibrant paint color or patterned wallpaper paired with classic cabinetry designs can add a touch of whimsy and elegance to your bathroom. Note the light blue-gray tall linen bathroom cabinet.

Not only can you find other complete bathroom inspirations, but you will also find pins like this awesome idea from Martha Stewart. Placing a shelf above the bathroom door maximizes storage in an otherwise wasted space. Genius, right?

A shelf above the bathroom door provides added storage.

Although I really loved the colors and patterns, there were a few things my dream bathroom was lacking. Every dream bathroom needs (in addition to the basics) a chandelier and a well lit makeup vanity. , and tons of unique and cute baskets and bins to help increase bathroom storage.


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