10 Awesome Outdoor Toys to Make Summer Spectacular

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Believe it or not, summer is just around the corner. If you happen to live in one of the many states slammed with snow storms, you might have some muddy snow piles still hanging around, but they will disappear soon. Really, they will, and sunshine will reign. This means one thing – get those kids outside!

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It isn’t always easy to keep everyone entertained in the summer heat, but this list of best outdoor toys for  an awesome summer will keep away the summer blues.

best outdoor toysGiant Unicorns

You could spend an entire day on the water in this behemoth! With a 6 person capacity, this giant unicorn floatie has a built-in cooler and platform. Hit the high seas with a picnic and enjoy a whole day bouncing around in this incredible inflatable.

Sand Toys

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Summer wouldn’t be complete without spending some time with your toes in the sand. Playmobil® has the new Excavator and Dump Truck that will help kids create a sandcastle masterpiece. The excavator comes with a detachable shovel for digging that can be used in two different positions on the excavator. It also has a driver that fits in the front seat. Best of all, there is a Playmobil® flag to put atop your epic sandcastle. The dump truck comes with a detachable truck bed that can be used to help build a sandcastle, and a sieve to sift out any rocks. It also has ramps just in case the dump truck needs a little help carrying those loads of sand.

best outdoor toys

As any Mom knows, the most important part of summer time toys is their durablity. Playmobil® makes toys that are meant to last. The sturdy plastic is strong enough to handle the abuse little ones put their toys through, and it means they will survive those rainy summer afternoons when toys get left out, no matter how many times you tell those kids to pick them up. These toys are sure to be favorites that will last for summers to come.

Bed Tent

best outdoor toys

Make every night a campout with this bed tent from Privacy Pop. They come in a variety of colors and sizes to fit right over the mattress, and create the perfect hideaway. Bedtime will be a little more tolerable during the summer months when they get to climb into their very own private tent! We like to use ours out on the lawn too!

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Everyone needs a little downtime after a long day of playing in the sunshine. When your kids need a break, skip the couch and the screens, let them rest and maybe even read a book in the Amazeyou Kids Swing Hammock Pod Chair. Designed to be used inside and outside, you can easily hang this pod chair wherever your kids want. It comes with everything needed to install, and it has a 100% money back guarantee with no questions asked. It is great for relaxing as well as sensory relief for those with Autism.

Gardening Set

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It can be nearly impossible to get kids outside sometimes. With all of the screens available to watch videos and play games, nature can be the last thing they want to explore. Encourage them to get outside with their very own Clever Kid Toys Kids Gardening Set. Inspire their green thumb by teaching them to grow their own flowers or vegetables this summer. It is a great way to get kids outside and learning new skills.

ChalkScapes Kit

best outdoor toys

Take sidewalk art to a whole new level with these chalk mandala stencils from ChalkScapes. The kit comes with 2 stencils, 24 chalk sticks in assorted colors, 6 jumbo chalks, and 2 chalk holders. These beautiful geometric and cosmic designs will take sidewalk art to a whole new dimension.

Parachute Toys

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This tangle free set of parachute toys from iDeep will keep kids occupied outside for hours. These fun little parachuting figurines are made from plastic and soft cloth and without batteries, assembly, or strings to get tangled, kids can toss and catch these guys all day.

Firefighter Water Gun Toy Set

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Inspire future generations of heroes with this Firefighter Water Gun Toy Set.  The set comes with a water tank back pack, pump and spray fire extinguisher, whistle, necklace name tag, and a storage bag. Kids can spend all day saving, “putting out fires”, and rushing to rescue kittens in trees. It is just what they need to spark a little imagination.

Giant Inflatable Bowling Set


Who doesn’t love a giant inflatable bowling set! This set from Etna is fun for the entire family, and it can be used indoors or outside. Get a set for your backyard and just you try and keep your kids from playing.

Octopus Kite

The kite is a classic summer toy, but don’t get a standard old school kite. Entertain your kids on a breezy summer day with something out of the box. A giant octopus kite is an incredible way to entertain kids with a little summer wind. Your kids will be the envy of the park with one of these eye-catching kites.

Thank you to Playmobil® for giving us the chance to try out their new sand toys! All opinions remain my own. 

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