Must Have Black Panther T-Shirts Inspired by the Badass Wakanda Women

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To say the leading women of Wakanda are badass, may just be a gross understatement. In a world where strong women are often labeled bossy, feminazi or worse, the women of Wakanda remind us that we are so much more. I left the theater with my gal pals ready to squad up and take on the world. But first, every superhero needs her armor. Check out these squad goal tees inspired by the badass women of Black Panther.

Black Panther T-Shirts

Must Have Black Panther T-Shirts Inspired By The Badass Wakanda Women

Black Panther Tee 1

Black Panther Squad Goals Tee

How awesome is this squad goal tee?

Black Panther Tee 3

The OG Squad List

Remind the world about the real badasses of Wakanda with this t-shirt featuring their names.

Black Panther Tee 2

Empowered Women Tee

One of my favorite things about the women of Wakanda was that they didn’t play into the traditional stereotypes of what it would be like for women to working together at high levels of influence and power. It made me think of one of my favorite tees “Empowered Women Empower Women.

Black Panther Tee

Not Today Colonizer Tee

One of my favorite one lines from Shuri: “Don’t scare me like that colonizer!” is now even better on this Black Panther tee.

Black Panther Tee 4

Wakanda Forever T-Shirt

A tee that really needs no introduction. Wakanda Forever!

Black Panther Tee 5

Straight Outta Wakanda T-Shirt

Again, need I say more? #StraightOuttaWakanda

Black Panther Tee 6

sHERO Racerback Tank

I’m always down for a good play on words. This sHERO racerback is awesome.

Black Panther Tee 7

Boss Babe Tee

A boss babe t-shirt for the entrepreneur, mompreneur, lady boss and babe who hustles in all of us.

Black Panther Tee 8

The Future is Female Tee

This Future is Female T-shirt is what Shuri might call hashtag fact.

Black Panther Tee 9

Empowered T-Shirt

Another awesome empowered t-shirt.

Black Panther Tee 10

Girl Power Black Panther Women T-shirt

Another awesome girl power Black Panther t-shirt featuring the leading ladies.

black panther dvd

Black Panther is available now on Blu-Ray, DVD, 4K and Digital Copy.

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