When was the last time you spent time playing? Not chasing the kids while they play or because you were being forced into some mandatory activity? When was the last time you saw something fun to do and went for it? As adults, we forget to play. We forget how freeing it can be to do something completely for enjoyment. No strings attached. Even on vacation we get caught up in what the kids want and trying to cram everything into a short amount of time. By the end of it, we all end up saying the same cliche, “I need a vacation from my vacation”.

Norwegian Bliss Cruise

The Norwegian Bliss is designed to appeal to the big kid in all of us. They have everything you could want on vacation from world class accommodations and exquisite cuisine to water slides and a race track to give adults the carefree play time we all still secretly want. From sunrise to sunset, a day at sea on the Bliss has everything you want on vacation. It is all about you and your enjoyment.

For those of you planning a possible cruise on NCL’s new stunner, here is what a day on a Norwegian Bliss cruise might look like.

Norwegian Bliss Cruise

Wake Up to a Familiar Face

Just because it is vacation, doesn’t mean you don’t need your shot of morning caffeine. That is why there is a StarbucksⒸ right on the ship! Stop by for your morning cup of joe and muffin to get the day started and if you still need something more substantial, enjoy ocean views at Savor or Taste and order whatever your heart desires. There is also a buffet if you want to grab a piece of bacon or two before hitting the deck to grab your favorite chair.

Norwegian Bliss Cruise

Make A Splash

Save a seat on the deck then be sure to get over to the Aqua Park for at least one ride down the waterslide. Norwegian has truly gone above and beyond with their waterslides! The double loop, Ocean Loops will take you through multiple stories and over the edge of the ship before you slide back to the deck. Nothing quite like breezing through a waterslide high above the ocean only to go sailing over the edge and straight back down to a nice splash landing.

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Norwegian Bliss Cruise

If you aren’t in love with the idea of whooshing over the edge of your Norwegian Bliss cruise, there is another multi story water slide that won’t take you over the edge of ship (although I highly recommend the first- it is quite a thrill). If you need a little relaxation after that adrenaline rush, park it next to one of the pools or hot tubs with a frozen drink (No cruise is complete without sipping a frozen drink on the deck), and let the kids play at their very own Aqua Park.

Try a New Morning Commute

Norwegian Bliss Cruise

Wait. A legitimate racetrack at sea? Yep. There is nothing like driving at high speeds on the racetrack while adrift in the ocean. The Norwegian Bliss has the largest racetrack at sea, and it is the perfect activity to get in a few high speed thrills. Zip around the tight curves, lap after lap, with the pedal to the floor while giving those slower drivers a taste of your “dust”. Isn’t it what we all need after trying to survive our own daily commute day after day? Blow by your competition on the race track and let off a little steam.

Battle it Out

Norwegian Bliss Cruise

Take a break from reality and spend the afternoon searching an abandoned spaceship for human colonizers that have lost contact with Earth. This intricate laser tag setup is great for adults and kids alike. Having the fate of the world in your hands can be a pretty exciting afternoon, and chances are you have never spent an afternoon on the ocean chasing down bad guys with lasers.

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Mandara Spa

Norwegian Bliss Cruise

With over 50 specialty treatments, this is where you need to go after a long day of play. Whether you want a massage or a new look, the spa has everything to accommodate your relaxation needs. After a massage, guests can take advantage of the thermal suite with a vitality pool, waterfall and a dry sauna. There is also a salt room filled with body cleansing salt crystals for complete rejuvenation. Afterwards, their is a salon and a barber shop for some fine tuning before a night out.

Eat Like There is No Tomorrow

Norwegian Bliss Cruise

“What do you want to eat?”

“I don’t know. What do you want to eat?”

Ever had this conversation? When you are on the Bliss, it doesn’t matter what either of you want, you will be able to find it. Whether you want a multi-course dinner with a view or a chance to browse the buffet, you can have exactly what you want with superb service. Here is just a small taste of what you have to choose from for dinner…or even a second dinner. Why not? You are on vacation!

  • Texas Smokehouse – Mouthwatering BBQ with live music
  • Ocean Blue – Ocean fresh seafood
  • Food Republic – Worldly dishes from Peru to Japan
  • La Cucina – Delicious Italian cuisine
  • Cagney’s Steakhouse – Hearty helpings of meat
  • Jimmy Buffett’s Margaritaville – Cheeseburgers in paradise
  • Teppanyaki – Hibachi heaven
  • Los Lobos – Tacos galore
  • Le Bistro – Exquisite French
  • Dolce Gelato – Ice Cream treats for your sweet tooth
  • Savor – Traditional menu
  • Taste – A daily rotating menu
  • Garden Café – A variety of choices with a buffet style
  • Manhattan Room – Classic dishes with epic views
  • The Local Classic Pub – Good ol’ fashion pub food

Catch a Live Act

Norwegian Bliss Cruise

When the sun goes down, the entertainment goes live, and there is more than enough to see in the evenings. Catch one of the three musicals aboard the Bliss including Jersey Boys, ¡HAVANA!, and Happy Hour Prohibition – The Musical. If you are looking for laughs try The Social, Norwegian’s upscale venue that transforms from comedy club to night club. At The Cavern, you can watch a Beatles cover band play the iconic music that has stood the test of time. Check out the nightly schedule for one of the many themed parties that takes place. Norwegian has a variety lined up from pop-Latin Caliente to Nashville Nights and Lights, and costumes are highly encouraged especially at the masquerade! You can even spend your night at a silent disco. Norwegian has you covered when it comes to evening entertainment.

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Chocolate Night Cap

Norwegian Bliss Cruise

Before heading to bed, indulge your sweet tooth with one of the epic desserts from Coco’s. They have a huge selection of bonbons as well as incredibly delicious gelato. However, it is their oversized Mad Milkshakes topped with the works that truly draw people in. These massive chocolate-y works of art will send you into a blissful coma after a long day at sea.

Take a Midnight Stroll

If you aren’t ready for bed after all of that, take a stroll around the open air promenade. This quarter-mile wrap around walkway is the perfect spot to breathe in the ocean air as well as check out the many signature venues the Norwegian Bliss has to offer. If you want a quiet, peaceful place to wind down, this is it. If you still need some lively action, 678 Ocean Place has three levels of drinks, food, and entertainment. There is also a casino if you happen to be feeling lucky. You will be able to keep yourself entertained, day or night, on the Bliss.

Norwegian Bliss Cruise

Life is much too short not to enjoy your vacation. Norwegian has created the ultimate cruise onboard the Bliss to keep you vacationing until the very last moment. Are you ready to get your cruise on?

Thank you to Norwegian for inviting us along on the maiden voyage of the Bliss! All opinions remain my own. 

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