Best Wellness Products to Bring with You on Vacation

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Taking care of yourself as you travel may seem like common sense, but many well-intentioned adventurers don’t pack the things they need to enjoy their experience fully. The right wellness products can conjure more smiles as you make great memories by merely guarding your health. Here are the best wellness travel aids you didn’t think to bring.


A healthy gut is a happy gut, but airport food and shifting mealtimes do not make for great digestion. Probiotics prevent a lot of tummy trouble during travel, and they may make all the difference between a nightmare and dream vacation for you and yours.

Even if you don’t have preexisting conditions that could irritate your digestive tract, probiotics can still help. After all, no one expects their incredible dining experiences to cause constipation, but changes in diet often lead to unpleasant consequences no one wants, especially on a long-awaited trip. Probiotics keep your gut in peak condition so you can enjoy everything about your time away.

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CBD oil continues to gain recognition and credibility in health circles for a reason. Its potent calming properties address everything from seizures to chronic pain. For travelers, the oil offers an escape from anxiety, travel fears, and even achy muscles after a long flight.

There are many CBD oil products available to suit your travel and health needs. While traditional medicine droppers are certainly the most common method of consuming CBD oil, most sellers offer additional options. CBD-infused gummy worms are an enduring favorite among users, and you can even find bath bombs containing CBD oils. Whether you need a medical dropper to help you deal with travel-related anxiety during transit, a discreet tablet, or simply a way to calm yourself at the end of a stressful trip, you can find an appropriate item.

St. John’s Wort

Available as a tea or capsule, this natural remedy helps users relax and – most importantly – fall asleep quickly. If you plan to travel anywhere outside your time zone, a cup of St. John’s Wort tea can help you relax at the right time of day. It pairs well with other suggestions on this list, including CBD oil. Many popular organic food and tea brands offer St. John’s Wort products, and you can find an ethical, organic source exceptionally easily.

Ginger and Immune Boosters

New places have new germs, and you never know where the person in the seat next to you has been. To ensure you enjoy your vacation to the fullest, keep ginger and other immune boosters on hand. Crystalized ginger candy can keep you distracted and protected during a long flight, and products like Airborne that come packed with Vitamin C should have a place in your overnight bag. These treats and supplements are like armor for your immune system, and some even taste good. Protecting your health doesn’t feel like a chore when you get to enjoy candy.

Meditation App

Maintaining your peace of mind as you travel can turn a frustrating accident into a mild inconvenience – or even a funny story. Meditation apps aren’t exactly therapy, but they can keep you centered and objective during a turbulent trip. Calm and Headspace lead the market, but there are plenty of other meditation apps available. Even the big-name brands have free versions for casual users, so you don’t need to make a significant investment if you’d prefer to spend more at the pool bar.

Purifying Face Mask

Travel isn’t as clean as everyone would like. While airlines are getting better at protecting passenger’s health in general, your skin still takes a beating. The air in plane cabins manages to feel dry and sticky at the same time, air conditioners in busses and trains sap moisture, and facial coverings rub your skin raw as they trap sweat and oil on the surface. This is a recipe for acne, discoloration, and uncomfortable dryness for the rest of your vacation.

A purifying face mask can rescue distressed skin and ensure you’re glowing by the pool. Available at a range of price points, purifying face coverings offer an opportunity to splurge a little with plenty of choices, so you can find the perfect product for your skin type.