Busy Moms Need Time Off Too

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You have a full-time job, a family, and a home you tend to. While you love contributing to the finances and caring for others, it leaves very little time for you. Unfortunately, when you leave yourself out of the equation, you can start to feel depressed and empty, despite your hectic life. The good news is that you can make room for yourself, just like you do for others in your family and take a day off once a month, that you can do whatever your heart desires.

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Admit You Get Overwhelmed

Many busy moms, just like you, don’t ever reveal their real emotions. They just plug along with the next task at hand wearing a false smile on their face. They tend to do the shopping and do things like planning their kid’s birthday parties from start to finish, including finding the perfect everything. Well, it’s time to admit to yourself and your family that you do get overwhelmed with your life. It’s perfectly fine to delegate some of the responsibility. Maybe your partner would help shop or browse for the perfect online birthday greeting cards. Maybe the kids can decorate. The point is, even if they don’t do things exactly the way you would, doesn’t mean an event still can’t be amazing. 


The definition of self-care is taking care of you, both emotionally and physically. The first thing you have to understand is that taking time off is beneficial to the entire household. If you keep up the pace you’re at, it’s only a matter of time before you become resentful or ill. Your patience runs thin, and even the smallest of things will get under your skin. After a few hours away from home, you’ll return refreshed and energized and happy.

Enabling Inabilities

You do everything. You cook all the meals, you clean the entire house, you take the children to after-school activities, and oh, yes, you work full time too. What you are in essence doing, is raising a family that relies too much on you. It’s time to start delegating responsibilities at home and splitting up the after school functions with your spouse to get more out of life. Letting go will be the hardest thing to do. You may even think of yourself as a failure. This is not the truth. No one person can do everything, at least not for any length of time. And, by having every member of the house share in the duties, you are actually making them into better, more responsible people.

Your Mental Health

Weight gain is something you can physically notice, and if it happens, you alter your diet. However, your state of mental health is something that creeps up on you like a silent ticking bomb. And, then suddenly it explodes and you either lose control, or you have an uncontrollable cry. Instead of letting it ever get to that point, take the necessary steps now to improve your quality of life, because well, you matter. 

Lose the Guilt

For busy moms who dedicate their lives to everyone except themselves, spending time away brings on overwhelming guilt. There is no reason to feel this way. You do everything for everyone, and now it’s time to do something for you. You’re not going away for a week; you’re spending some time outside the home alone. When tomorrow comes around, it’s back to the grindstone.

Relaxing for a Day

Mother’s Day is probably one of the few days each year that everyone in your family caters to your every need. You feel quite special and glad to have the family you do. Well, taking one day a month to do what you want is no different from a bonus Mother’s Day. It’s a time for you to schedule a day at the spa, play a round of tennis, take in a movie, or hook up with an old friend for lunch.

A Better Person

Unbelievably, when you take time to care for you, you are happier and feel satisfied. This transfers to the workplace and your family. As a result, you relax, have more patience, and become a better person. 

There is no supermom. It’s merely a term used for moms who seem to be able to do everything effortlessly. The key word here is “seems.” Behind the mask they wear, they are struggling with their emotions, the same as you.