Celebrate the 1 in 100 Millions Workers Making A Difference

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As a new military spouse, I’ve quickly witnessed first hand the sacrifice the men and women of the Armed Forces make every day, from the long hours away from their family daily to even longer stretches spent on deployment. This insight provides an even greater source of pride for the United States Armed Forces and why stories like that of Major William Saint hit even closer to home for me.  


Major William Saint is on Active Guard Reserve, which means he serves on active duty for the National Guard. His full time position is the Commander of the 62nd Weapons of Mass Destruction Civil Support Team CST (Civil Support Team) for the Louisiana National Guard, investigating and securing at-risk areas across the United States. By day he works on a 23 member team that investigates and scans for biological chemicals in spills or suspected terrorist events. Their job is to make sure we, the every day people, are safe in our daily lives and especially as we celebrate and gather at large events and for holidays such as Memorial Day, the Super Bowl, the Indie 500 and other major events. But during his off hours, this family man from Baton Rouge, LA, has four children and is also a former Director of Family Programs for the National Guard. 

You can find Major William Saint’s story in addition to those of Nurses, Baseball Players, Electricians and Teachers featured on Kronos’, 1 in One Hundred Million website devoted to sharing the personal stories of people who do the many important and too-often unrecognized jobs upon which we all rely. You can find their stories and countless others when you watch and subscribe. 

From their very first days, Kronos solutions have always focused on the work that people do. That’s why they’re proud to celebrate these special individuals who reflect the character,the commitment, and the passion of today’s workforce.

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