Chelsea Handler…no limits on how far she Congo

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You may recognize Chelsea Handler from her recently ended late night talk show “Chelsea Lately” and although she’s been sitting behind a desk for the past 7 years, her new Netflix special “Uganda Be Kidding Me” is a very much welcomed return to Stand-Up comedy. The special, which begins streaming on Friday, takes inspiration from her book of the same name and goes a bit into her recent trip to Africa before shifting focus onto a myriad of her favorite subjects. Using personal photos to accompany her jokes and stories, Handler revels in topics about sex, her “friends”, bodily functions, and, that place “where rappers come from”: Africa. 

che_pds_002_hHandler’s greatest attribute is her fearlessness in saying the things that no one would say, then taking it a step further and saying the things that no one should say. While she takes plenty of shots at others (mainly her friends), she doesn’t shy away from shifting the target onto herself. “I’m not an elegant person. I don’t pretend to live a legal lifestyle.” says Handler when juxtaposing herself to her lawyer friend. 

One highlight of the 71-minute stand-up is her exploit with a label maker. As much as she ridicules her assistant Karen for her apparent label OCD (does the “microwave” really need to be labeled?) Chelsea, in stride, turns the story on its head revealing that her life would be a greater mess than it already is without Karen’s labels. Truth is, there’s a legitimate need for a “fresh panties” label.

Obviously this special should be reserved for late night viewing while the little ones are in bed since the language is certainly perverse, foul, graphic at times. Not to mention her personal photos are the NSFW type. But the good news is if you like it a little rough then you’ll be pleased to hear that Handler has plans to release four more comedy specials on Netflix as well as a new talk show. So for all you subscribers, Chelsea Handler is Ghana be around for awhile. 

chelsea handler uganda be kidding me

“Uganda Be Kidding Me Live” is the culmination of Chelsea Handler’s wildly popular international stand-up comedy tour in support of her fourth New York Times #1 Bestseller, Uganda Be Kidding Me. Using personal photos to enrich her stories and comedy, Handler regales the audience with absurd tales of her global travels and the ridiculous characters in her life, all the while offering her signature unabashed opinions on subjects ranging from her expectations of sexual partners, to the very real problem of dolphin rape.

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  1. I love love Chelsea Handler! I got to see one of her shows a few years ago and loved it! Her stand up sounds pretty amazing too!


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