How I Earn Rewards For Being Active and Healthy

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Being healthier and more active are two major resolutions many people make for the New Year. As most know, keeping those resolutions is often easier said than done. It can be so easy to fall of the band wagon and just about any excuse will work. The flu had me down and out right at the beginning of the year. Then we had a move and all of the work and mess that goes along with it. Now, I’m missing my workout equipment but still trying to stay on track.

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You guys, it is HARD. As if working out isn’t hard enough, life itself is constantly getting in the way. So what do we do about it? The key to success is motivation so I’m always looking for little ways to help keep me motivated, on track and seeing results. It can be challenging, but small changes can often make a big difference. 


For instance, even though I don’t have any of my fitness gear with me this week, I’ve been finding ways to stay active anyway. Each day I spend an hour doing some yard work. It’s great cardio and I’m feeling the burn from all of that raking each day. In the evenings, my daughter and I take our dog on a 30 minute walk to soak up those last rays of sunshine.

In order to stay accountable, I’ve been keeping track of all of it on my mobile device. It’s the one thing that is always with me, so it’s a convenient no-excuse fitness tool. Recently, I was introduced to a system that helps me keep track of my workouts AND rewards me for hitting goals. Um, winning, right? 


Sears just relaunched – a free, one-stop fitness destination and rewards platform. It includes free workouts, programs and exercises, a goals center and dashboard that allows you to set goals and track your daily progress.


If you’re looking for new gear, FitStudio also has new gear reviews and ratings for each piece of equipment based on performance, console, comfort, features and value – culminating in an overall score. You can even take advantage of a new deal each day to save money on purchasing workout equipment.


But perhaps my favorite feature is that it offers rewards for daily physical activity through the Points for Progress program. Participating in the Points for Progress program is done in four simple steps.

  1. Register for for free
  2. Connect a fitness app like MapMyFitness or tracking devices like Jawbone or Fitbit 
  3. Track activity to earn Shop Your Way points for almost everything you do!
  4. Redeem the points for merchandise in stores and online at Sears and Kmart.  

As if that wasn’t enough, there are even more ways to earn points. Members can earn $5 in Shop Your Way points (5,000 points) by burning 1,500 calories or walking or running 15 miles in 2015.  To help members #Achieve15 and meet their goals to earn $5, offers these fifteen #Achieve15 tips.

Fifteen Ways to #Achieve15

  1. Track your activity
    Numbers don’t lie: Use a fitness tracker, like Fitbit, to monitor your distance and active calories honestly.
  1. Walk on air
    If you could walk on air, it’d probably feel something like riding on an elliptical machine. The angels told us so.
  1. Interval-train
    Break out of the steady-state rut, and change your running pace to boost your metabolism. And leave calories in the dust.
  1. Go plyo
    A jump rope isn’t a toy. It’s a plyometric training weapon that blast calories fast. Use it liberally.
  1. Make pressure-free promises
    The trick is to commit to an exercise that’s still doable when life doesn’t go perfectly, which happens daily.
  1. Follow Fartlek
    A Swedish word meaning speed play, Fartlek training lets you randomly add sprints to your workout when you’re ready. 
  1. Rock a vest 
    You gain some, you lose some. Wear a weighted vest to boost your calorie burn.
  1. Change your scenery 
    Do a running tour through a swanky neighborhood, or virtually hike through Hawaii with Google Maps on iFit.
  1. Escape your cubicle                                
    Swap your sugar break for fresh air. Breeze past the vending machine at work, and head straight outdoors.
  1. Watch your heart rate
    Heart rate measures intensity.  Know where you stand and make adjustments to train smarter.
  1. Strength-train
    Back away from the cardio briefly, and build some lean muscle, why don’t you? It’ll help you burn more calories.
  1. Get competitive 
    Share workout stats with everyone you know and love. A little trash talk won’t hurt—everyone wins!
  1. Add incline
    Sky’s the limit of your calorie burning. Up the ante of your walk or run. We’ll reward you at the top.
  1. Walk on water
    Unless you can solicit divine intervention, we suggest you take an active seat on a rowing machine.
  1. Reward yourself
    We shouldn’t be the only one rewarding you for staying fit. You should also treat yourself, and don’t hold back.

What are your fitness goals? Do you have any tips or tricks for staying motivated and on track?

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  1. I just started getting back into fitness. I don’t feel like I haven’t ever been out of it, but I definitely need to ramp up my workout plan for sure!


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