A Real Family Treasure Hunt with Geocaching

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Are you looking for a new family fun activity to get everybody out of the house for the afternoon? In honor of the new Earth to Echo movie opening July 2nd, you can try the popular new hobby that anyone can do, Geocaching, and discover something unexpected in a neighborhood near you.

In order to get involved with Geocaching, you can use an app or GPS on your mobile device. The goal is to locate hidden containers (yes, you will really find something) through a series of clues. What’s really cool about this adventure and real life treasure hunt is that the whole family can join in – just hop in the car with the family and catch some adventure. Then, you can hide the treasure for the next family on a discovery mission.

What’s better than spending some time together as a family (without the TV) working together to uncover hidden surprises in a neighborhood nearby? Geocaching is wildly addictive and, who knows, this might be something you can you family will make a regular activity out of! Right now, you can learn more about Geocaching and participate in the Earth to Echo Adventure by clicking on the link for your city and see if there is hidden treasure just waiting to be discovered by you and the family!

New York
Los Angeles
Don’t forget to check out Earth to Echo coming out July 2nd!


Three best friends find themselves torn apart when a construction project forces everyone to move out of their neighborhood. The night before they must depart, the trio begins to receive mysterious messages on their phones. Following the cryptic clues, the boys stumble upon an innocent alien trying to get home. The biggest adventure of their lives begins with their discovery, and it forever seals the bonds of their friendship. Rated PG this will be one of the summer’s best family movies. 

Earth to ECHO



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