4 Easy LunchBox Ideas To Make Your Kiddo Smile

As you probably know, we love our bento box recipes but bento boxes often require varied ingredients and they can take some time to make (sometimes).

In other words, they’re not ideal for those mornings when we’re just coming off a holiday break and mom isn’t quite ready for the school day routine.

But a fun lunch often means an empty lunchbox so what’s a mom to do? I’ve come up with 3 easy ways to make the Lunch Box fun without a ton of effort from mom. 

Printable Lunchbox Notes

As a kid, I remember finding notes in my lunchbox the highlight of my day. I whipped up these really easy and fun printable lunchbox notes in just a few minutes on Picmonkey.

I like that I can always write a personalized note or reminder on the back too. You can download these printable lunchbox notes for free. (just right click and save!)

Find more FREE PRINTABLES here!

Sneak in Their Favorite Treat

Every kid has that one special snack that makes them smile in delight. I’ve never met a kid who doesn’t smile at a Snack Pack.

What’s not to love? It’s a simple, wholesome snack that comes in fun flavors too. 

Sandwich Bag Drawings

I’m not quite as cool as this dad but it’s so easy and quick to draw a few hearts, a beachy setting or even silly puppy dog to put a smile on her face.

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Luckily she hasn’t figured out that mom is no artist yet because she continually asks me to do it again and again. 

Use Sandwich Cutters

It’s super quick and easy to use sandwich cutters (like big cookie cutters) to add that special something to your sandwich. No creative skills necessary – just make the sandwich as usual and press down.

Bonus – the cutoff  “scraps” can be your morning snack – lol!

Want to go super Kawaii?

Try this adorable Panda Onigiri Kit like I did in this Panda Onigiri Bento Box Recipe

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28 thoughts on “4 Easy LunchBox Ideas To Make Your Kiddo Smile”

  1. We sometimes slip in some Valentine cards in the boxes. They think it’s sweet to get them not on the actual day, but throughout the year too. And, yes. We pack those snack packs as well :)

  2. I used to slip notes into my kids lunches when they were younger. I never thought to write on the sandwich bags. Great idea.


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