Sunny Day Bento Box Recipe For The First Day of School

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Monday marks my daughter’s first day of First Grade. In typical Maddilyn fashion, she is already talking about moving on to the Second Grade.

Meanwhile, I’m still performing the last-minute scramble to prepare for the coming school year.

A new wardrobe has been purchased, shiny pencils and fresh paper round out the school supplies, and the pantry has been stocked for her daily lunches.

I also started thinking ahead to ‘menus’ that make my life easier when it comes to preparing lunch.

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I learned a couple of years ago, that bento style lunches are a huge hit with kids.

Perhaps it’s the simple ingredients, or more likely the fun themes, but whatever it is, the lunches get gobbled up quickly.

As part of our back to school shopping, I also purchased new bento supplies and I couldn’t wait to put them to use in this yummy Sunny Day Bento Box Recipe.

bento box recipe

Sunny Day Bento Box Recipe


bento box recipe

Assembly is as easy as cutting flower shapes out of the cheese and fruit. Then make the peanut butter and jelly sandwich and cut using shapes.

Maddilyn loved munching on the “fluffy clouds”, the sweet sun and the variety of flowers throughout the box.

Our favorite ingredient was by far the SkinnyPop popcorn, made with just three simple ingredients – popcorn, sunflower oil and (just the right amount of) salt.

One of the SkinnyPack® bags fit perfectly in the bento container shown (no popping necessary!) and another fits in the front pocket of her backpack for a tasty school snack while she waits to be picked up.

Let’s not forget a pack in her dance bag and another in her soccer bag.

And let’s be honest, another bag ended up going right into my purse too because at 100 calories per bag, they’re a snack I can get on board with guilt-free.

I also like that they’re Non GMO, Gluten Free and contain No Artificial Ingredients or Preservatives. They really do just contain the three ingredients!

bento box recipe

Save this recipe for later – go ahead, pin it!

bento box recipe

Want to go super Kawaii?

Try this adorable Panda Onigiri Kit like I did in this Panda Onigiri Bento Box Recipe

panda rice ball bento

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