The Evenflo Sibby: A Modern Mom’s Double Stroller

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Some days I think becoming the parent of a second child required more adjustment and finesse than becoming a parent for the first time. When Maddilyn was born, family and friends showered us with all of the baby necessities – from strollers to swings, and everything in between. When Oliver was born five and a half years later, it was up to us to choose and purchase the majority of the baby gear. 

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One of the purchases we really agonized over was the stroller. At five years old, Maddilyn had outgrown the need for a stroller the majority of the time but there are still times she needs a ride – a day at the zoo, strolling downtown or on the walk home after a long day at school. Purchasing a double stroller seemed like overkill, and at 46 inches tall, she didn’t fit in most of them anyway. We needed something different. 


We needed the Evenflo Sibby Travel System. It was the perfect solution to our problem. The Sibby offers a Ride-Along board that lets Maddilyn hop on for a ride whenever she gets tired of walking. The board just clips on when we need it and folds away into the storage basket when we don’t.
When I first saw the wheels on the ride along board, I’ll admit I had a few concerns. They seemed small and I wondered if it would navigate well through the dirt and grass since Maddilyn tops out the suggested weight limit. We got the chance to put it to the test on our second outing when it started pouring rain in the middle of our picnic at the park. With two kids, three bags and who knows what else we had crammed in there, the Sibby moved along the wet, muddy grass like a champ. 

Since I just need the stroller for Oliver 90% of the time, it’s nice to not worry about the extra bulk of a double stroller. The Evenflo Sibby also has a few little features that make it convenient and easy to use like an adjustable footrest, large coverage canopy to shield from the elements, multi-position recline, mesh netting for airflow, and removable arm bar for easy in and out.  


The Travel System comes with a LiteMax Infant Car Seat and base (for babies 4-35 lbs). It’s a lightweight seat infant seat with an ergonomic handle letting it fit just right in the classic carseat-over-the-forearm mom hold.  


All in all, the Evenflo Sibby really is the perfect solution for those looking for a stroller that can easily handle two kids, with all the convenience and portability of a single stroller. We’ve gotten so many positive reactions and comments on it, that’s it’s be an instant hit with fellow parents on our walks.

You can find the Evenflo Sibby Travel System at one of my favorite stores – Target

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