The Easiest Way To Get Ombre Hair Without Any Of The Commitment

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My sister and I are different in a lot of ways. While we notice those differences less as we’re older, a few still remain including our sense of style. Mine is more laid back and comfortable. I have naturally curly hair and I’m happy to let it do as it pleases. My sister invests a little more time and creativity in her appearance. She is always trying new things with her hair and last year she fell in love with extensions. 

She paid a fortune for extensions that had to be then taken to a salon, cut and dyed to match her hair, and required time each day to be put in and taken out. Once her daughter was born she no longer had the time needed to use them. So when I received two sets of Secret Extensions the same month as her birthday, I knew who I would share them with. They’re perfect for my sister because they require no glue, no salon appointment and no special skills to use. It’s as easy as putting on a head band. 

Secret Extensions

We had a much needed girls night and played around with the 3 colors we received: Light Brown, Medium Brown and Dark Brown. All the browns looked great, but she especially loved combing the Light Brown and Medium Brown. It created this fun ombre look without the commitment of coloring and lengthenedd her hair while adding some body too. 

Autumn 3

We also really liked the quality of the hair pieces. Unlike many extensions that come in flat shades of one color, the extensions all had natural looking high and low lights. Additionally, the pieces already had a naturally shaped cut instead of being cut flat across the bottom which really allowed them to blend in with her hair nicely. Secret Extensions are a great way to play around with color and length but what really surprised me is that they were loved by both of us, my sister – the fashionista, and me – the minimalist. 

This post was brought to you by My Secret Extensions. The opinions expressed are completely my own based on my experience.

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