Possibly The Only Carseat You Will Ever Want or Need

At four years old, Maddilyn has already been through five carseats and let me tell you, they aren’t cheap! We started with the traditional infant carrier. It was cute and flowery but quickly outgrown and a baby with milk intolerance did not leave it nearly as pretty as when we started. So on we moved to a rear to forward facing toddler carseat. More stylish and bulky but much more comfortable. This was the carseat Maddilyn had until she was 3 and a half. About this time her head started reaching past the top of the carseat because thanks to some great genes from her daddy’s side, she is tall. So this carseat no longer worked for us.


Since then, we have had two more carseats designed for “big girls.” They were nice enough but we travel to visit our parents often, over 100 miles and 2.5 hours each way. It wasn’t long before Maddilyn started complaining about back and shoulder aches in her carseat. But it wasn’t until she started noticing a new carseat commercial on TV and asking for that, that I took notice. I expect her to notice toys, but a carseat? Still, I didn’t see many options. I thought to myself, we had purchased a top of the line carseat from a well known brand and they’re kind of all the same, right

Evenflo ProComfort

Evenflo proved me wrong. For just slightly more than I paid for her last carseat, I could have purchased the Evenflo ProComfort Symphony™ DLX. This carseat is awesome and Maddilyn adores it. Evenflo designed the carseat using Gel Matrix Technology, a material designed to up comfort levels by reducing pressure points in the design. Thanks to this, she is no longer complaining about back aches, but I also like the comfort the rest of the design provides too. Not only is the back adjustable in height, it also has wrap around ‘wings’ that keep her head from falling forward while she sleeps – because on 2.5 hour car rides that’s inevitable. Honestly, comfort alone made the carseat worth it but it also has a ton of little ‘extras’ that we like too.

  • Buckle Pockets to Store the Buckle Tongues
  • Easy Adjustable Shoulder Straps – no more threading the straps!
  • Two Built In Cup Holders
  • Large LATCH System Buckles – They’re easy to grab and claps to the carseat to stay out of the way.

This All-In-One seat accommodates children ranging from 5 – 110 lbs, so it really is the only carseat you will ever need. While my one *small* complaint is that the opening to slide the seatbelt through is narrow even for my small hand; I would still give this carseat 5 stars any day. My only regret is that we didn’t have a ProComfort from the beginning. You can check out the ProComfort Series for yourself at Target stores or at target.com.
I participated in this sponsored campaign on behalf of One2One Network. All opinions stated are my own.

25 thoughts on “Possibly The Only Carseat You Will Ever Want or Need”

  1. WE just moved my son into a booster seat. I have realized through the years that not all carseats are made equal. This one looks great.

  2. I just bought a new car seat for my daughter that I don’t really like. I really wish I had gotten this one instead!

  3. I was talking to my mother recently and found out that I didn’t have a car seat. They just made sure to have my carrier secured with the seat belt and held on to me. We’ve come a long way!

  4. I’m giggling to myself thinking about how far car seats have come. From nothing- literally- to a hard plastic shell and evolved to what we know today. In all honesty, it is hard to believe how unsafe we are were growing up.

  5. Kiddo has to travel a lot as she lives 30 min away from us. Her dad would go get her and bring her back. He grammie drives her all over. Over the years she too complained about the hard seat. We created some cushions for her that helped. Thankfully, we are finally out of car seats.

  6. Carseats certainly are expensive. It’s important though to get a good seat and one that fits them. It’s all about their safety.

  7. The kids have to be in a booser in Michigan for such a long time. Our son is outgrowing the car seat in his dad’s car fast. It’d have been nice to have had this car seat that would grow with him.

  8. What an awesome car seat! It looks real nice and comfy! My son just graduated to a booster! We are currently trying to get pregnant with baby #2 I will have to bookmark this! Thanks!

  9. We have the Evenflo triumph, and it does all of those things. But we didn’t discover it until we needed something bigger than the infant bucket.

  10. I don’t have kids yet but it’s crazy to think about all the regulations and safety needed for car seats. Glad You’ve found one that fits your needs! Looks like your daughter loves it!


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