5 Ways To Update Your Bathroom on A Budget

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5 Ways To Update Your Bathroom on A Budget

Easy, cost effective and DIY ideas for updating the look of your bathroom while sticking to a budget.

Switch Out The Hardware

Even the most novice DIY'er can change a shower head, swap out a bathroom faucet and install a fun coat rack for towels. Best of all you can do all three in just about any size budget. You can also swap out your shower curtain, toothbrush holders and rugs for an updated look. My tooth brush holder isn't even a toothbrush holder at all! I found it on a clearance rack at a department store! 

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Add Artwork

The bathroom is usually one of the last places people think to hang a painting or display a figurine. But one of the first thing I  did when I wanted to update the look of my bathroom was hit the ceramic isle. I like ceramic because I don't have to worry about moisture and they're a breeze to clean up. My little blue pig is a fun conversation piece, someone always mentions it after using the restroom. They also tend to notice the Chevron Listerine Bottle. Not many people know this hot print now works in the bathroom (you can even find shower curtains!) or that you can pick up the Chevron Listerine Bottles for a limited time at Target. 

They actually come in four designs, so they fit almost any decor, and each comes with it's own flavor: Cool Mint, Fresh Mint, Arctic Mint, & Fresh Citrus. We like the Fresh Citrus, it's a fun break from the mint. *BONUS* Listerine is the #1 dentist recommended brand and it gives you a cleaner, healthier mouth.

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Swap Out The Medicine Cabinet

Most people hang a medicine cabinet or mirror over the bathroom sink. This tends to become a focal point in bathroom so an outdated piece can affect the entire look of the room. With all of the awesome DIY options out there almost any mirror can be repurposed. It may just need a fresh coat of paint!

Tile The Countertop

Old outdated countertops can really bring down the look of a room. While they can be expensive to replace completely, tiling offers an updated look and with a good tutorial this project isn't out of reach for a novice. 

Add a Buffet

Buffet tables aren't just for the dining room anymore! People are using them in bedrooms, living areas, as TV stands and in my case, the bathroom. Because we have such a small house I need as many storage options as possible. So instead of a bulky sink that doesn't make the most of it's space, we opted for a slim sink and used a buffet. Not only did it add to the look of the room but offered so much more storage. 

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  1. Ive been seeing the new Listerine designs at Target this is some genius marketing! The bottle is an instant decor boost to any bathroom and inexpensive I love it!


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