Retreat from Technology in Algarve Portugal

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When was the last time you truly disconnected from technology and connected with friends? For most of us, it’s been a while. It’s now common and accepted (if annoying) to constantly be checking our phones, answering texts and updating social media, even in situations where we should be offering our complete attention to each other.

The constant attachment to technology has become an addiction – we live in a time where it’s easier to just like a Facebook status instead of reaching out to each other. Unfortunately, the constant use of technology can lead to a disconnect not only among friends but also with ourselves. There have even been studies showing that social media and technology can lead to increased stress.

Imagine, then, a girlfriend getaway that focuses on connection – with yourself and with your friends. An entire week to detox from technology and pay attention to the other needs in your life, to devote full attention to your closest friends instead of updating Facebook.

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The EPIC SANA Algarve, located along the Algarve coast of Portugal, offers the perfect opportunity to escape just a short ride from the Faro airport. Not only is the location perfect for a girlfriend getaway, with sunshine, the ocean and nearby towns that have escaped tourism to explore, but EPIC SANA offers a variety of wellness retreats designed to help you step away from the chaos of being constantly connected. 

Each SAYANNA Retreat, whether it’s the Yoga, Luxury De-Stress, or the Ultimate Detox, offers personalized instruction and coaching from trained professionals to customize the program to your specific needs. Utilizing a holistic approach to rejuvenating the entire mind and body, each retreat accomplished this through techniques such as balanced meals, exercise, relaxation and workshops. The goal is to combine Portuguese hospitality with a rejuvenating experience that holds up to international standards.

While such a retreat can be a powerful personal experience, it can also help create unbreakable bonds between friends ad I highly suggest doing this with your bestie. Disconnecting can be difficult to commit to, but once you cut the cord, you’ll never tire of spending hours chatting in the sunshine near the pool, looking for seashells along the shore, or encouraging each other to sweat it out in the gym. (And if you just have to post that selfie to Instagram, don’t worry, the resort has plenty of wi-fi connection. Just do it fast so you can get back to enjoying NOT being online!)

epic sana algarve portugal 14If a full blown retreat isn’t your cup of tea, make sure you make plans to spend some time in the spa regardless. The talented therapists work wonders with their hands and offer a plethora of treatments to choose from. I was pleasantly surprised by the affordable pricing and found the relation areas to be special little niches that you just didn’t want to leave. The relaxed, healing vibe of each retreat and the lack of technology combined with Portuguese hospitality and the ability to travel just minutes to breathtaking views and to immerse yourself in Portuguese culture offer the perfect girlfriend getaway.

Near to the resort is the Falésia beach, recipient of awards such as Europe’s Best Beach Destination and the Gold Flag of the European Union, as well as many historical sites and cities like old walled city of Faro and Tavira, the city of churches. If a major holiday destination is your thing, the bustling and popular town of Albufeira is a short taxi ride away or take a stroll around the shopping offered at Vilamoura.

Personally, I like to discover the more local focused areas and I really loved the nearby town of Quarteira. Escape the tourists of the other destinations there and enjoy a taste of the simpler life.

  • Don’t miss the whimsical yarn bombings of the trees along the main road
  • Enjoy the local dishes and be sure to try the white Sangria
  • Keep your eyes peeled for street art in the alleys and you may even spot the Communist Party Headquarters!

Whether you spend the entire getaway partaking in a SAYANNA Retreat or choose to spend a few extra days traveling nearby, taking a week to focus on relationships instead of technology is a choice no one will regret. 

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