5 Family Friendly Activities in Gulf County Florida

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Our family has been visiting Florida each spring for the last five years. So when we finally made the move to Jacksonville this year it already felt like home. We have been busy getting to know our new city but that hasn’t stopped us for planning weekend trips to other parts of our new state.


Orlando and all of its many attractions has been covered extensively, we’re looking forward to getting to know the other parts of Florida, especially along the coast. I feel like we haven’t even scratched the surface of things to do in the state, especially when I look into visiting Golf County. It’s amazing how much one county has to offer. 

Venture to a Different Beach Every Day

There are so many beaches in Golf County, you could spend a weekend and hit different beaches every day. There is scalloping in the Bay, shelling at the tip of the Cape and good fishing by Indian Pass.

You can also take a horseback ride at sunset or a bike ride along the coast. Plus, where there are beaches, there is snorkeling, paddle boarding, beautiful sunsets, and even camping on the beach!

Go on Turtle Watch


Did you know May thru October is turtle season in Florida? Baby turtles are making their way from their nest in the sand down to the ocean. We would love to witness this adorable migration on one of the many beaches. 

Kayak Through the Dead Lakes

The Dead Lakes get their name from the Cypress and Tupelo trees that stand in the water. When the water is low, you can see the stumps rising out of the swamp. I’ve heard it’s like nothing you have ever seen before. If you go out early in the morning in April, the birds are all coming into nest and other critters are just showing up. The fog comes off the water and it feels like a place of solace. 

Wake Up Early to Watch the Dolphin Parade

Scuba Diving

You have to talk me into getting up early while on vacation, but I think I could be bribed with a Dolphin Parade. Dolphins tend to be closer to shore in the mornings and watching them play is the perfect way to start the day and something your family will always remember. 

Go Snuba (or Scuba) Diving and Snorkeling

My husband and I want to get Scuba certified but until then, we have fallen in love with Snuba Diving. Snuba diving allows you to dive with air but without the tank and no special certification is needed. 

We first did it in the Dominican Republic and it’s possible in Florida too. Snorkeling is fun for the whole family, plus, the Gulf Coast has miles and miles of coral reef as close as two miles off shore. Perfect for exploring!

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  1. look how nice that looks. I don’t think I could ever live in Florida but I could sure enjoy a vacation to there. enjoy your stay.


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