How Do You Honor Your Four Legged Family Members?

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GIrl Walking Dog
Spring has finally arrived in Michigan with temperatures reaching into the low 80’s on the sunniest of days. My family has caught spring fever something feirce. We just want to spend our days playing outside, doing yard work, barbecuing and fully taking advantage of our little house on the lake. We live in a fairly quiet neighborhood. In fact, only a handful of residents live on our lack year round. The rest are summer residents. Which makes spring an ideal time for family bike rides or evening walks around the 3 mile lake. 

GIrl Walking Dog 1
Now that my daughter is 4 and “can run really super fast” she has been accompanying me on my evening walk. Being four also means that she gets to walk her dog – and best friend – Zoey.  It’s in these 30 minutes that brings out the qualities I love most in both of them. Through Maddilyn shines joyous optimism and a creative interest in all things happening the world around. Her faithful companion is along side her each step of the way. And I realize I could not have chosen a better companion for my daughter.

“The dog was created specially for children. He is the god of frolic.” – Henry Ward Beecher

No matter how many tugs of the leash, ridiculous adorable dress up outfits and forced tea parties her patience is inexhaustable. How do I pay her back for her frienship, playfulness and constant gaurdianship? How do I pay her back for teaching my daughter the value of adventure, loyalty and unconditional love?

Because Dogs Are Love. 
Dogs are Unconditional Love.
Totally, Irrevocably Loyal Love.
Run, Fetch, Catch Love.
Completely In Your Space Love.
I Think Your The Best Human On Earth Love.
Tail-Wagging, Just Want To Be With You Love.

 Dog Boxer The truth is, we’re her entire world and there is no way to pay someone back for that. But we can ensure that she has a good life. We spoil her with her favorite things like a good bone, a comfortable bed like her Classic Pet Bed from Tall Tails, to rest her head after a long day of adventure, and a good belly scratch. We can also keep her healthy with regularly exercise,  vet check ups, nutritional food and clean drinking water. And lastly, we give her what all family pets deserve: a comfortable, safe place with a family who loves her. 

The Giveaway

One lucky winner will win one Tall Tails Classic Pet Bed (valued up to $38.99).

How to Enter to Win

Step#1: Please answer in the blog comments section below: How do you honor your pet?

Step #2: Use this easy giveaway form below to record your entries – good luck!! The comment entry is the only mandatory one you must complete to enter. All others are purely optional for those that really want to win!

A big thank you to Tall Tails for sending us a classic pet bed for review. All opinions remain my own.

71 thoughts on “How Do You Honor Your Four Legged Family Members?”

  1. My pet, Sophie, is the joy of our life. The children are grown and have moved out, and she is what we give all our attention to. I always buy different collars for the different seasons, or for when my favorite basketball team is playing, and for different holidays. And, yes, I know, she is spoiled!

  2. Shhh, please don’t tell Layla she is not a person. LOL She is a regular member of the family and we love to go to walks together so that she can run off some energy – I walk normal and she runs back and forth on 16 foot leash – LOL


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