Staying Charged on the Go with the Fat Cat Powerbar 4200

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When your life revolves around technology, it can seem like batteries become your arch nemesis. When traveling, I conduct 90% of my work while on the go from my iPhone. Seeing as I’m usually taking hundreds of photos a day and constantly sharing via social media channels, my decent iPhone battery doesn’t last very long. When it’s around the 50% mark I have to start rationing the battery life. Picking and choosing photos to take, status to update and whether or not that email really needs responding to. And let’s be honest, it’s a real bummer when towards the end of the day, when my brain is mush and all I want to do is clear that stinkin’ jelly on Candy Crush, I can’t because my phone is dead. Sigh.

PowerBar 4200

Even though I carry around my AC charger (like the techie that I am), I find myself scrambling to find outlets. For example, on one of my previous press trips for Disney Motion Pictures, I was able to visit the Disney Animation Research Library. Housed in this super secret location are the original art pieces to famous movies like Cinderella, The Nightmare Before Christmas, and Snow White among others. If you’re a Disney fan it’s like stepping inside the real “Disney Vault.” I was in absolute awe but half way through the tour, my batteries on my phone and camera were dying. I wanted to catalog every moment, every awesome piece of Disney history and I couldn’t. I was honestly devastated because it truly is a once in a lifetime opportunity. I really wished I had the Fat Cat PowerBar 4200 then. It’s even better than an external battery. It also helps me avoid the wild scramble and having to elbow other bloggers to get the one outlet in a room.

The PowerBar 4200 holds enough battery power to charge any mobile phone, smartphone or iPod device at least twice. Just plug it in and let it go to work in your purse, computer bag or pocket at any time. You know exactly how much juice is left with the push of a button. Plus, the PowerBar can even be charging itself at the same time it is charging your device. This is awesome for those rare moments where I can find a outlet because it allows me to keep them both charged up. It even works with my family member’s android, windows and gaming devices because it comes with a bunch of handy adapters – male USB, female USB, micro USB, Apple iPod/iPhone compatible tips and DC 3.5 x 1.3 plug.

No need to worry about overcharging, over-current and short circuiting. The advanced electronics built into the PowerBar 4200 allows it to recognize the power needs of your device. Pretty cool. Another plus is that even though it’s a functional device, it’s still pretty stylish. It’s available in five colors (black, blue, red, orange and silver), with orange being my favorite. Lastly, it’s price point is less than my external battery case and it holds twice the charging power! It’s my newest side kick and travel buddy and having tried many different bricks – this is my favorite.

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