Disney First Look: Pirate Fairy Merchandise

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Pirate Fairy MerchandiseOnce in a blue moon, an animated movie comes along with such memorable (and cute) characters, that consumers can’t wait to buy merchandise of their favorites immediately after seeing the film. It’s a hard task for studios to achieve, yet one that DisneyToon’s upcoming film Pirate Fairy accomplishes perfectly. 

During a recent trip to DisneyToon Studios, I was privileged to watch the upcoming animated film where the likes of John Lasseter and Bob Iger come together to observe film’s progress and final cuts. After falling in love with the film and as the credits began rolling, the voices of bloggers immediately filled the theater asking, “Where can I get a plush crock!?!” I couldn’t help but agree, the characters had made their way into my heart and my wallet was ready to bring these adorable pirates, fairies and a crocodile into my home.

Disney had been aiming to make the characters lovable since the first drafts, but what they accomplished was much more. During a meeting with the character designers, we were told how the chief creative officer of Pixar and Walt Disney Animation Studios John Lasseter had everyone sitting around drawing different versions of Crock for example, and how Lasseter kept insisting on making him more adorable. “Bigger eyes!,” he would say, “more toddler-like!” The final version of Crock became so lovable and cuddly that myself and others were instantly wanting our own.

The demand for Pirate Fairy merchandise will be imminent once the film comes out April 1, 2014, and Disney is ready to supply consumer’s appetites with a full lineup of   products ranging from toys and books to clothing and accessories. “I hear they’re considering making an alarm crock!” the films director Peggy Holmes joked during the credits, and what a great product that would be indeed. While no alarm crock has been announced yet, confirmed merchandise of the film was previewed to the media after the film which I’m excited to unveil and share with Surf and Sunshine readers.

2014-02-28 10.21.42 am

For the Disney fairy in us all, miniature 4.5 inch dolls of the main Disney fairies will be available at all mass retailers with a suggested retail price of $4.99 each. All of the dolls are beautifully made and I was able to take home a Periwinkle doll (bottom right) which all the children at my mom’s preschool love! 

On a larger scale, the Disney Fairies will be available in 13 inches at the Disney Store and DisneyStore.com at a suggested retail price of $14.95. The main character, Zarina comes with a detachable sword and with beautiful golden wings that flutter which is a great addition to anyone’s doll collection. 

Instead of purchasing separately, all of the Disney Fairies will be available in box sets ranging from four fairies to six in various sizes that make for great fluttery friends for Disney princesses of all ages! 

A plush Crock is also available for $14.99 which I highly suggest purchasing early if you’re considering buying, as the plush characters almost always sell out quickly. Not only would Crock make for a great bedtime companion, but he can keep the Disney Fairies safe from Captain Hook while you’re away from home!


A variety of books will be available that make for great afternoon or bedtime stories for kids of all ages. The Pirate Fairy: Wake Up, Croc! is a great story of how Tinkerbell, Rosetta, Fawn, and the other fairies make a new friend — a baby crocodile named Croc and how they help him count to five as he meets the fairies for the first time. Great for younger children, Wake Up, Croc! is made from thick board and filled with colorful images available for $7.99 from Random House.

The Pirate Fairy: Adventure at Skill Rock is great for older children, and follows the tale of the film as Tinker Bell and her fairy friends embark on an adventure of a lifetime to return the all-important Blue Pixie dust to its rightful place in Pixie Hallow. Available beginning March 2014, the book will be available for $3.99

Finally, for children who love to hear a book over and over again, Tinker Bell and The Pirate Fairy Read Along Storybook and CD is a great way to get all the excitement of the story (including sound effects!) without sitting in front of the television set. Featuring word-for-word narration and original movie voices, this book imprinted by Disney Press is great for children of all ages and will be available for $6.99.


2014-02-28 11.06.48 am


While no new pirate gear was previewed for young pirates-in-training, a variety of fairy attire will be available for girls and teens at the Disney Store and select mass retailers. 

Beginning with costumes, Tink’s and Zarina’s Pixie Dresses are already available at mass retailers for $19.99 each while a more widely wearable Tink in Heart Studs Dress will be available at JCP for $20. JCP will also feature a Tink Neverland Tank and Pixie Dust Tink Leggings beginning March 2014 ranging from $10-12. 

For Tink lovers of all ages, Wet Seal will have a Tink Mineral Wash Sweatshirt available for $25.90 that features a french terry knit body and a scoop neckline with banded trim that goes great with the neon pants featured in the main mannequin above. 



Every girl needs a great purse! Disney teamed up with Le Sportsac to provide a variety of Tinker Bell inspired accessories that range from $28-$158 at Le Sportsac stores. Ranging from coin purses and cosmetic pouches to heavy-duty cross body bags, the collection features the Marc Davis and Neverland designs in various shapes and sizes inspired by Tinker Bell.  

I was fortunate to be given a few of the items listed above thanks to DisneyToon Studios, and I can honestly say the toys are a hit! With my mom having a home preschool, the children have loved playing with the different Disney fairies and listening to the read-along book, which the girls and boys both laugh through each time Captain Hook runs into trouble! Whether you have a pirate in training or a Disney fairy of your own at home, this collection offers something for everyone, including yourself! 

To purchase any of the items featured above, visit the Disney Store or DisneyStore.com or select mass retailers including JCP.com, WetSeal.com and LeSportSac.com.

The Pirate Fairy

The Pirate Fairy will be available on DVD/Blu-Ray April 1, 2014!

Disney provided me with an all-expense paid trip to watch Pirate Fairy and observe the merchandise available for sale featured above. As always, all opinions remain my  own. 

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  1. I’m actually just as excited to see this new fairy pirates movie, as my girls. My girls love both pirates and fairies, so what a better combo!

  2. Ah,I am loving those Le Sportsac bags! Mama needs one of those for herself. My girls love Tink, so I’m sure we’ll be picking up a lot of these fun toys – and of course the movie too!


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