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One of the best perks of living in a melting pot like Los Angeles is the never ending options for eating out. While we don’t eat out too often, when we do, we always have our tried and true go-to favorites. Our number one pick for anniversaries and date nights is always Fusion Sushi in Hermosa. While there are more Sushi joints than you can shake a stick at in our neighborhood, Fusion is one that NEVER disappoints.

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They have a HUGE menu selection (with pictures!) and over the years we have tried almost everything on it. Unlike some sushi restaurants, the edamame is free and shows up automatically shortly after seating. If you’re a fan of soy beans, be sure to try their spicy garlic sautéed edamame for a real treat!

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There isn’t a single thing I wouldn’t have again or recommend, which makes it so difficult to choose exactly what to have each time we go. Aside from sushi, the owners are Korean so they also offer Kalbi – a MUST try. If you’ve never had it before, you’ll wonder how you ever lived without it!

If you’re trying to stay away from carbs, my favorite no rice roll is the Blue Diamond Roll – Tuna, Salmon and Yellowtail wrapped in Cucumber topped with a Ponzu sauce – DELICIOUS!!

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While our initial draw to Fusion was their everyday great prices, we keeps us coming back is the quality. The fish is always fresh, the chefs are always cheerful and we always leave satisfied. One thing I do know for sure is that we always have the same problem of not being able to stop eating the deliciousness and stuffing ourselves stupid.

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If you’re ever in the area, I highly recommend stopping by for lunch, happy hour (Monday – Thursday 3-5pm) or dinner. I promise you won’t be sorry!

Fusion Sushi
1200 Pacific Coast Highway
Hermosa Beach, CA, 90254
(310) 318-2781 is the trusted and valued source connecting restaurants and diners nationwide.  The company offers savings at thousands of restaurants nationwide with more than 50,000 gift certificate options. brings people together to relax, converse and enjoy well-prepared and -served meals at affordable prices.  To date, customers have saved more than $1 billion through the gift certificate program. has operated since 1999 and is based in Arlington Heights, Ill.

56 thoughts on “Sushi Makes Me Happy Happy Happy”

  1. Oh my goodness! You weren’t kidding about the menu, and I am sure I didn’t even see the whole front side! I love Edamame and would probably “eat myself stupid” on that alone:) I have eaten California Roll and a couple of others I don’t know the name of. I like Tuna and Salmon if it is cooked. Are the rolls you pictured cooked or raw? Not sure I would eat it raw…..Your son appears to have eaten himself sleepy. Does he like the Edamame? Great article, only now I wish I was in California! lol:)

    • Hi Pam – They are all raw. If you’re scared to try something raw, I’d recommend starting with Tuna :) It doesn’t have any flavor and is pretty hard to mess up – lol. If you like spicy, try a Spicy Tuna roll – it’s delightful! And yes, he LOVES edamame.

  2. Oh man.. I spent most of my life thinking I hated sushi.. but I just had a bad first impression. Sushi is amazing.


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