Girls Night In: On The Rocks, Shaken Not Stirred

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Girls Night

I think getting together with my girls a couple times a month is what keeps me sane. We’re all at different places in our life, going through our own ups and downs and it’s nice to have someone to celebrate or commiserate with. Most nights we go to the a bar for a few drinks and a game or two of pool. Being tired and busy women, moms, and wives there are also times where some girls night in ideas would come in handy. These are actually my favorite nights. It’s low key and the night is spent talking and laughing over a chick flick or board games. In order to have a successful girls night we require four things:

  1. Your closest group of girls
  2. Alcoholic Beverages
  3. Good Food (diets are not allowed at girls night!)
  4. Entertainment

The first one is a no brainer. The second can get a little tricky. Most of the time we like to concoct new sangrias but on our last girls night – not coincidentally we were commiserating – we decided something stronger was in order. Thus we found a favorite shot: The Water Moccasin. If you’re like me and prefer your drinks fruity and frilly this shot is for you. Don’t let the name surprise you. There is no bite to it! Also, no need to down it. It’s the perfect portion for a martini glass too.

Food is always on the menu for girls night. We prefer finger foods and appetizers that we can snack on all night long. That way we can keep the games, conversations and drinks flowing too. I recently pinned this Easy Goat Cheese Appetizer. It only requires 5 ingredients!

Easy Goat Cheese Spread
Martha Stewart

These Bacon Crescent Appetizers were equally drool worthy. These delicious morsels require only 8 ingredients and yield 8 dozen!

Bacon Crescents Appetizer

sas disclaimer

With recipes like these the food as is good as eaten! It’s the entertainment that can be hardest. Sometimes it starts to feel like we’re watching the same old chick flicks and playing the same board games every time we get together. Why we never thought of online games beats me. The internet offers a plethora of online gaming options. We’ve talked about trying a Gala Bingo Code to play online next time we get together. It’s a great way to still be able to talk and relax without getting bored – no one ever wants the night to end early! And who knows – one of us could win big, right? Then of course, we’d make that person takes us all on a nice trip for our next get together :)

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