5 Gym Bag Essentials to Rock Your Workout

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My sister’s wedding is just over two months away and as her Maid of Honor, I recently did something a little risky. I ordered my bridesmaid dress one size too small. I had been slacking off on my workout routine lately and I was looking for a way to get motivated. I decided that the prospect of replacing a $200 bridesmaid dress was just the sort of pressure I needed. When it arrived there was about a two-inch gap preventing me from zipping the dress up the back.

When I tried the dress on again last I could get the entire dress zipped up (without spanx!) – as long as I didn’t breathe. Or walk. Or blink. Almost there. Which means I’m going to keep hitting the gym for the next two and a half months. I have a few gym bag essentials that come with me on every trip to the gym to make my workout better. First, my ultimate gym buddy, my husband! He’s my biggest motivator and honestly, the best gym eye candy! 

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gym bag essentials

5 Gym Bag Essentials To Make Your Workout Better

Comfortable Earbuds 

My favorite earbuds are the Jaybird X3 wireless. I have tiny ears and for the longest time it was impossible to find earbuds that fit. They have this awesome silicone ear fins the “hook in” to the top and back/lower areas of my ear and lock the buds into place. They also come with multiple sizes to swap out, so even my husband borrows them from time to time!  These are easily one of my most important gym bag essentials. Few things keep my going through the tough workouts like listening to good music. 

Rocking Playlist 

Nothing pumps me up more at the gym than a good playlist. I’m not one of those people who gets a workout high from “feeling the burn.” Instead, I make it through sets with songs that pump me up and Spotify has so many great playlist to choose from. Here are few of my favorites to get me going. I pulled songs I liked from each to make my own. 

gym bag essentials

Sassy Workout Tank

Everyone needs a sassy work out tank. My favorite right now says “Running late is my cardio” because mom life means I’m almost always running late. A sassy workout tank may not make my  workout better but I look forward to wearing them to the gym and don’t they say showing up is half the battle?! 

Stainless Steel Tumbler 

I find it easiest to hit my water goals for the day if I focus on hydrating through a workout. As someone who hates water, I can’t get enough of it during a workout! My body is probably rejoicing that I’m finally giving it what it needs.  A few months ago Jake and I got matching Tervis Tumblers (Hers: Secretly A Mermaid, His: Detroit Tigers). They’re great for keeping water ice cold during workouts (and all day really) but also good for pre/post workout shakes.  

gym bag essentials

Dry Spray Antiperspirant

want to say that I’m the person who hits the gym in the early morning, showers afterward and goes about her day. In reality, you’re much more likely to find me rushing from the gym with antiperspirant in one hand and dry shampoo in the other. Working moms just don’t have time for all that every day! 

My husband and I have been longtime users of Dove Deodorant (his and hers), and I do mean a long time. For over a decade we’ve used the Dove stick deodorants but I’m starting to think the spray is the way to go, at the very least for our gym bag essentials. They’re quick and easy to apply both before and after we hit the gym. I just picked us up each a new spray from CVS while I was getting a prescription filled.

Bonus: They were Buy 1, Get 1 50% off with my CVS card. You can choose between AXE®, Dove or Degree® Dry Spray Antiperspirant. PLUS, I got $2 extrabucks® rewards when you I bought any TWO (2) AXE, Dove or Degree® Antiperspirant products.

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