hAppy Friday: Organize Gift Cards Quickly and Easily

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Can you believe it’s 2014 already? Where has the time gone?!?!? Our wedding was just 2 months ago, yet it feels like it was 2 years ago. I used my ZINK hAppy printer relentlessly on several DIY Wedding Projects, but it didn’t stop there. I’m always pulling out the handy little printer for random projects here and there and today was no exception. So I thought I’d start sharing some of the super simple every day ways my ZINK hAppy proves to be useful with a weekly hAppy Friday post!

So how many of you got gift cards for Christmas? How about your birthday? I’m a fan of gift cards (they always seem to come in handy when you least expect it!), but I hate never knowing how much is left on them. Especially if it’s to one of those places where you *have* to know. 

sink happy project - organize your gift cards (1)

So today I changed that. Some cards, like prepaid credit cards have that signature strip on the back that I usually use to jot down the balance. But what about all the other gift cards you get that DON’T have that strip? No worries – just use your ZINK hAppy for the task! Insert the smallest roll size (purple 3/8″) and start labeling away. Since I wanted something plain and simple, making and printing each one was a breeze! 

sink happy project - organize your gift cards

Now I know at a glance how much is left and I can easily replace it with an updated balance when needed.

If you own a ZINK hAppy printer, what new way did you use it this week? I’d love to hear from you!

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4 thoughts on “hAppy Friday: Organize Gift Cards Quickly and Easily”

  1. Wow! I always spend my gift cards right away, unless of course I don’t want it. So I never have the need to organize them but if I ever get enough, I will surely take this into consideration.


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