Apple Peanut Butter Smiles

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It’s flu season and it has hit our house hard. It actually went around twice. First Whistler, then my husband and then myself and around again. We were so lucky as to catch both the week long flu, and then the 2 day flu. So. Much. Fun.

We spent a lot of time wrapped in blankets on the couch catching up on our favorite shows, eating chicken gnocchi soup and replacing the tissues.

Of course, there isn’t ever a good time to be sick, but at least it coincided with a slew of new titles being released this month. There were lots of family friendly comedies available to make us feel better.

I once heard the best cure for the flu is laughter, but the also say an apple a day keeps the doctor away. So I created these fun peanut butter apple smiles snack that pretty much takes care of both, right? 

Healthy Snack for Kids - apple peanut butter smiles snack

I don’t think I’ve ever met a kid that doesn’t love peanut butter. I’m always trying to come up with new snacks my kiddo will love, and I think I’ve hit on something with these Apple Peanut Butter Smiles.

They’re easy to make, healthy, and most importantly – delicious! The whole family can’t get enough of them. Give them a try and see for yourself!

How to Make Apple Peanut Butter Smiles Snacks

  1. Slice a red apple into 1/2″ wedges.
  2. Coat one edge of an apple wedge with creamy peanut butter, and then sandwich with another slice on top.
  3. Slice mini marshmallows in half and push them into the peanut butter to make “teeth.”
  4. Enjoy!

Alternative ideas

  • Instead of marshmallows, you can also use peanuts, raisins or white chocolate chips.
  • Instead of peanut butter, try almond butter or Nutella.

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1 thought on “Apple Peanut Butter Smiles”

  1. YUMMMM that’s one of my favorite snacks, well peanut butter and apples…I’ve never tried the marshmallow’s but I am willing to give it a try!


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