Holiday Gift Guide 2016: Gifts For Travelers

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Travelers are a unique breed of individuals whose holiday wish list often looks far different from others you may be buying for. While all we really want for the holidays are more travel opportunities we understand that plane tickets and hotel accommodations aren’t appropriate for most holiday wish list. In lieu of that, check out these gifts travelers  will use and appreciate.

Holiday Gift Guide 2016: Gifts For Travelers

Atlas Obscura

Atlas Obscura: An Explorer’s Guide to the World’s Hidden Wonders

Retail Value $17.50

Going where few have gone before is a badge of honor today’s travelers proudly wear. The “Atlas Obscura: An Explorer’s Guide to the World’s Hidden Wonders” has located 700 of those places. From a baobab tree with a pub inside in South Africa, to a festival in Spain where men dressed like devils jump over rows of babies, there’s little in the way of the unexpected and undiscovered that’s not in this book. Who knows, perhaps it will inspire the next epic adventure. 


Solavore Sport Oven

Retail Value $287.00

You can create delicious meals using just the power of the sun! Use the Solavore Sport Oven at home or take it along on trips – it only weighs 9 lbs.! This oven is a convenient alternative to portable cooking methods. Instead of trying to cook over a camp fire or lugging around a camp stove and fuel, all you need is this simple black box to make food. Harnessing the heat from the sun, it cooks and bakes without burning. It is a clean and effective way to make delicious meals without an oven, and it is a wonderful introduction to solar power. The solar oven comes with a thermometer to help you gauge the temp inside, two granite ware pots, a water pasteurizer indicator, and optional detachable sun reflectors to intensify the solar heat during variable weather. All you do is create your dish, place it in the oven, and set it in direct sunlight. You can leave it there for hours without worrying about your food burning. This oven will change how you look at cooking and demonstrate the awesomeness of solar power.  

Samsung PSSD

Samsung T3 Portable SSD

It may be tiny, but the Samsung T3 PSSD is also mighty. The T3 can store up to 2TB of information so you can store all the photos and videos you like! It’s also durable. The shock-resistant T3 has no moving parts and a strong exterior metal body that can withstand up to 1500G of force (the equivalent of a drop of up to 6.5 feet!). The T3 is compatible across multiple operating systems including Windows, Mac OS, and Android devices. It comes with a USB 3.1 Type-C connection port and USB Type-C to Type A cable, making it even more versatile. 

RFID Block

RFID Blocking Sleeves, Set of 15

Retail Value $19.99

Built for the 21st century traveler RFID sleeves are like electronic armor for your ids, credit cards and passports. RFID are secure sleeves designed to protect credit cards, debit cards, money cards, identification cards, and passports from electronic fraud and theft. Advanced RFID blocking material is thin, lightweight, perfect for travel, and protects against scanning of digital and electronic chips by hackers and thieves; tested, certified and proven effective. They’re also tear and water resistant. 

Handheld Luggage Scale

Hand Held Luggage Scale

Retail Value $39.99

Traveling has never been more stressful or expensive. In an effort to travel more, saving money is important but unexpected fees can easily blow your budget, ruin your trip and cost as much as your ticket alone! Baggage fees are one of those items that add up quickly. Give the gift of peace of mind with a handheld luggage scale. It’s easy to use with one-touch access and an easy to read multi-purpose LCD display with backlight.


Body Bark

Retail Value – Scoop Neck 3/4th Sleeve $74, Crew Neck Short Sleeve  $67 and EveryWear Luxury Pant  $105

There is nothing like a woman on a mission, and Catherine Poirier was determined to find comfortable clothing that could be layered. As women, we know all too well how hard it can be to find the right shirt, tank, camisole to wear underneath clothing. It is either too bulky, too tight, or all together too hot. Poirier found herself in the same predicament and was determined to find fabric that would lay flat, breathe, and prove to be perfect for layering. Dedicating much of her time to this research, she finally discovered cellulose fiber from sustainable Beech trees-MircoModal® of Lenzing Ag. This fiber allows for clothing that is comfortable, silky soft, and durable enough to keep its shape. Through her work, Body Bark was born. The clothing comes in a variety of colors and styles from tanks to lounge pants, and they are the answer you are looking for to wear under other clothes or on their own. This wonderful fabric won’t leave you hot or itchy, and it doesn’t lose color or begin to thin after washing (like so many camisoles I have bought). It fits beautifully, contouring to my body without suctioning, as often happens with athletic clothes meant to be worn underneath heavier items. Beyond its wonderful performance, it is also made in the USA.

The Dome

The Dome

Retail Value $179

Perfect for those who love to spend their days at the park, the beach, having a picnic or other sporting events (hello, soccer moms!), the redesigned 10′ x 10′ Dome® is the solution for those seeking shade. Built to handle wind and sun, the Dome sets up in seconds and features a composite flex rod roof and wind vent. It comes with a durable rolling bag to give you one less thing to carry. 

Autospout ashland


Retail Value $14.99

Plain water is boring, but essential to healthy living. This is especially true when your body is trying to keep up with the demands of travel which is why a good water bottle often tops most travel essentials lists. However, the Autospout Ashland takes this essential up a notch with the option to infuse on the go. Punch up your water with different fruit and herb combinations using the AUTOSPOUT® Ashland’s removable infusion strainer, and then enjoy your concoction on the go using only one hand to sip your success. Boring old water just got tastier. 

 Scratchable World Map e1481333200106

Scratchable World Map with Flags

Retail Value $39.97
Travelers brag about checking new countries off their map in the same way mothers brag about their children. These fun scratch off maps turn into works of art and excellent conversation pieces in any travelers home. Use a coin to scratch off the golden foil layer to reveal a colorful map below. All countries are clearly separated with precise border lines and different vivid colors, with all capital cities marked on both layers and 196 scratchable country flags below.


Raden A22 Carry-On Luggage

Retail Value $295.00

The world’s smartest luggage has arrived and it does just about everything but pack for you(maybe someday?). The Raden A22 waterproof luggage features a flexible, polycarbonate shell and four wheels for easy handling. It features an integrated TSA lock, built in portable power bank and weight sensing abilities so you know your cases weight just by lifting the top carry handle. This smart case even features BLE enabled location tracking so you will never lose your luggage again. 

Anywhere Travel Guide e1481335133211

Anywhere Travel Guide

Retail Value $9.57
A creative travel guide for anywhere, this handy deck includes 75 cards to inspire exploration. With a unique mix of concrete actions and whimsical prompts—from “Ask the next person you meet where his/her favorite street is. Go there.” to “Write down what you like about this city on a small piece of paper. Leave it where someone else will find it later.”—Anywhere Travel Guide encourages users to see things differently while discovering both new and familiar places.

HolidayGift GuideFor Travelers

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