The Best Ways To Experience Hawaii: Land, Sea and Air

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Aloha and e komo mai (welcome)! Ask almost anyone you know what their dream vacation is and chances are they’ll say, “Hawaii”. For good reason too – with relatively steady temperatures, a deep and rich history reflective of it’s unique cultures, and sheer beauty, it’s no wonder. Factor in its delicious food, wide assortment of ocean, air and land activities and you start to realize why no one ever wants to leave.  

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By Land

Maui Sunrise Bike Tour

When one of the most popular activities on Maui consist of waking up at 2am, while on vacation, you know it must be something good. The Maui sunrise bike tour group begins with a drive to the 10,023 foot summit of Haleakala National Park. If you take a guided van tour, you get the added bonus of learning more about the history of Haleakala, its geology and an explanation of rare plants and animals only found on Maui. But the real fun starts at the top. Before mounting your bikes you’ll peek along the rim of Kaleakala Crater to feast your eyes on the worlds largest dormant volcano. Then after gearing up, the real journey begins with a thrilling ride down almost 4,000 feet of Mt. Haleakala, followed by a victory breakfast at one of the local cafes.


Makapu’u Beach

If getting up at 2am for a mountain bike ride isn’t your cup of tea, perhaps a leisurely sunrise stroll at Oahu’s Makapu’u beach park is more your speed. This is a great spot for sunrise photography. It’s also a great location for finding all sorts of gems: black reef, tide pools and moss covered rocks. Don’t forget to check out Makapu’u lighthouse too. Once the sun has risen, head over to Makapu’u beach to capture the body surfers and swimmers in the shore break.


By Air

Explore Hawaii’s Island of Discovery

Kauai holds the title of most “untouched” of all the Hawaiian islands. Visiting Kauai is like stepping back in time with it’s many natural wonders including:

  • waterfalls
  • Garden Isles
  • Mt Waialeale
  • sculpted coast line of the Na Pali coast
  • plantations
  • canyons
  • and more

All of which create a stunning visual when taken in from the air via a helicopter tour of the island. Most tours include visits to spectacular Hanapepe Valley, Mana Waiapuna (also known as Jurrasic Park Falls, a filming location for the movie), an arial tour of the Na Pali coast, a visit to Bali Hai Cliffs and the chance to take in the deep blue waters of Hanalei Bay. One of the most exciting parts of any tour is a visit to Mt Waialeale. Known as the wettest spot on earth, this area receives 450-500 inches of rainfall annually and features 3000-foot waterfalls!  

A Sea Plane Adventure

On a seaplane tour, a window seat is guaranteed and when you’re flying over the gorgeous island of Oahu, the views are as well. Seaplane tours range from 30 minutes to an hour and offer arial views of North Shore’s Sunset Beaches, the Pearl Harbor USS Arizona Memorial, Honolulu Harbor, Diamond Head Crater and the famous Banzai Pipeline. 


By Sea

Na Pali Coast

Sculpted by nature for six million years, Kauai’s legendary beauty is epitomized by the Na Pali Coast – 14 miles of sea cliffs ascending 3,000 feet above untamed shoreline, with sheer-walled valleys and cascading waterfalls. Along-side your catamaran, dolphins frolic along the surface of the ocean to the admiration of it’s audience. Most tours allow for stops to snorkel in the reefs and spot the famous local sea turtles. 

Whale Watching Tour

Maui is your gateway to some of the best whale watching in the world. Shielded by the West Maui Mountains and Haleakala, the waters off of West Maui and South Maui are calm and clear waters for high visibility. It’s shallow coast, with waters less than 600 feet deep, are a draw for Humpback whales from December through May each year. Expert guides know the best places to observe the whales at play while taking in the island of Maui from a whole new perspective. 

Each of Hawaii’s beautiful islands deserve exploration by land, sea and air in order to truly appreciate their beauty. Whether you decide to island hop over the course of one vacation or dedicate numerous vacations to each island, you can feed your sense of wanderlust – and do some good – by booking your next Hawaiian getaway on AllTheRooms. A portion of every booking made from November 15th through December 20th supports the mission of the Whaleman Foundation. The Whaleman Foundation is dedicated to preserving and protecting our ocean world, from the beaches of Hawaii to the shores of Japan.

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  1. When we visited Hawaii it was with my husband when he was on military duty and we barely got to see anything. This is such a great guide!!


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