Investing In Key Summer Fashion Staples

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We all know that one of the key foundations to feeling our best is looking our best. There are so many ways, and a lot of them personal to ourselves, on just how to look our best. We all have our routines and set esthetics that we feel most comfortable in.

Comfort means confidence. Maybe you’re struggling to add some pieces into your wardrobe or steps into your routine that give you an added boost of comfort and confidence. Here’s a small list of things to try that will help you out.

happy sunglasses

Splurge on Your Sunnies

Everyone benefits from a pair of chic sunglasses. Whether you’re a mom who’s running late to drop off her kids for preschool or Anna Wintour wearing them indoors as well as outdoors, they help you stay fabulous. If you haven’t already invested in a high-end pair of shades, now is the time to do so.

Thinking about how much money you’ve spent over the last several years on lower-end glasses versus a one-time purchase of a luxury pair can put things into perspective and help you pull the trigger. Sunglasses that you invest in, especially in a timeless style, could potentially last you a lifetime.

They’ll be your go-to pair and be worn an infinite amount of time. Thus, they become a lower cost per wear than your cheaper items that break, or you lose, or you don’t “love,” so you don’t wear them often. Splurging on your sunglasses is a crucial piece in staying chic year-round. 

Be Skincare Savvy

Most of us aren’t naturally blessed with perfect, dewy skin. We spend countless dollars in drugstores or online looking for the ideal products for our morning and nighttime routine arsenals. Investing in a high-quality cleanser is an obvious first start.

Make sure you’re consulting with a dermatologist too. These doctors that specialize in skin care can help you understand how unique your own skin is. They can guide you in the right direction towards products that will actually work for you so you can develop a skincare routine that actually works! You may end up being prescribed a prescription, but they also are super helpful in pointing you towards products easily found on store shelves and online.

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Just like investing in your sunglasses is essential, so is investing in your skin. Not to mention, it’s literally impossible not to feel confident first thing in the morning when you’re waking up with perfect skin. Bonus, the more even and flawless your skin is, the less money you need to spend on makeup to hide the imperfections.

And, don’t forget to put on your SPF this summer!

Lady in Leather

One easy investment for summer that will make you instantly cool is a classic pair of leather sandals. You can go trendy on these if you want – this year it’s the square toe for me – or you can invest in a more classic look. Either way, it’s a solid choice.

The reason being? They will literally never go out of style. Just like a pair of tiny gold hoops, the leather summer sandal makes you look so much cooler than someone just rocking flip flops.

salvador martin yeste zQDUKoUxAsE unsplash

No shame on flip flops either, just saying. Leather sandals will be a go to whether you’re on the beach this summer or heading out to dinner. The versatility is astounding and they’re worth the money spent because of how much wear you’ll get out of them.

If you’re vegan or just against wearing animal products, there are plenty of plant based leather look alikes available nowadays. They may not hold up as well as the leather ones but you’ll achieve the same look!


Nothing says “Summer” like a woven bag! You can go straw or raffia. You can go raw or coated. You could even get a glittery, woven jelly bag and wear it with jelly shoes!

Woven bags are a must have investment for summer. They carry seamlessly from day to night and can be dressed up or down for any events or occasions. Just like you want to invest in a high quality bag for fall and winter, you want to for spring and summer.

If you don’t already have a woven bag in your wardrobe, you should absolutely add one this year. After the year we’ve all had, it’s more than fine to treat yourself!

So, implement these basic ideas and consider adding one or all of them to your summer investment plan. You’ll ultimately save yourself countless dollars by investing in pieces that could potentially last a lifetime. Not to mention the added confidence boost of feeling cool and comfortable!

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