Tips For Wearing Fabulous Shoes Without the Pain

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Staying current with fashion trends is a great way to refresh your style and reinvigorate your look. However, fashion merely for the sake of appearing fashionable can be a soulless and sometimes painful effort.

For example, that $500 pair of high-heels from Paris may look smashing, but might be murder for your feet. There are smart ways to look stylish without enduring pain. Here are a few tips for wearing sassy, stylish shoes without enduring pain or causing damage to your feet.

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Healing for High Heels

Diamonds are great, but many women will tell you high heels are a girl’s best friend. Regrettably, some of our favorite pumps are incredibly painful (sometimes even damaging) to our feet. You can still wear those classic stilettos but plan to wear them when you won’t be on your feet for a long period of time.

Opt for wider, thicker heels as this distributes weight better and helps stabilize the foot. Also choose a platform with a chunky heel because this absorbs a lot of pressure while walking, whereas thin and narrow heels tend to cause wobbling and instability. You might also want to go with an open-toe, as this relieves pressure and allows your toes to breathe.

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Better Boots

If you experience foot pain, that doesn’t necessarily mean you need to hang up your fashion boots forever. It just means you can make better choices for boots that look amazing yet support your feet for pain-free cowgirl excursions. Choose square-toed or round-toe boots over pointy toes.

We understand the pointed style can really boost the look of an outfit, but the way these boots cram the toes may cause pain in the form of bunions. Alternatively, we are jazzed about new fall lines of square-toed boots that provide comfort to your toes as well as rock your look.

Therapeutic Fashion Sneakers

Thankfully, you don’t have to saddle your feet with those old-fashioned, clunky white orthopedic shoes that make you look like a Smurf. These days there are far better selections that support your balance and posture while looking great.

For example, we love some of the hip colors and styles in the new plantar fasciitis shoes we’re seeing today. Who knew? Orthopedic shoes have come a long way since our grandmas wore them. With a myriad of designs and fresh looks, you’re sure to find a comfortable sneaker that can also support your feet, ankles, and legs so you can look great and feel great simultaneously.

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More Tips for Hurting Feet

If you’re a die-hard heel wearer, then you’re likely no stranger to foot pain. Luckily, there are some easy solutions and helpful steps you can take to get your toes tapping and pain-free again. One simple trick is to put inserts in your shoes. These are usually inexpensive, thin cushions that go in the soles of your shoes to provide comfort and support. You might also try gel inserts that serve the same purpose, but have a lot more give and flexibility.

One of the best ways to give your feet a much-needed break is to treat yourself to a foot massage. A loved one or a BFF can do a nice job with this, but to really get the healing effect, consider going to a professional masseuse. These professionals know about pressure points and are trained to give you a therapeutic massage that can make a big impact on the condition of your feet. You may also want to try soaking your feet in a soothing foot bath. This helps reduce inflammation and swelling and is especially effective if you’ve been cramped in a pair of uncomfortable shoes all day.

Whether you opt for these tips or have your own remedies, if your foot pain is chronic or extreme, it might be best to see a podiatrist. This is a doctor who specializes in foot conditions such as arthritis, tendonitis, bunions, corns, etc.  He or she may also have additional tips for wearing the right shoes for your condition.

Lastly, when it comes to wearing beautiful shoes, make sure you have the right fit. This may seem like a no-brainer, but too often we hear of women buying a shoe for its look but dreading the decision because of a poor fit. 

We hope these tips on wearing pain-free, yet stylish shoes help you realize that you don’t have to sacrifice fashion for comfort. At the end of the day, always remember, you’re never a slave to fashion. Fashion should work for you! 

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