How to Upgrade to a Sleek and Modern Office

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Whether you are just starting your business or have been at it for years now, you, and your employees, will spend about half of your waking hours in and around your office. No one wants to spend that much time in a bland and stifling environment, and you will find that you and your employees will both be more productive working in an attractive, inviting, and modern office environment. The truth is that you can modernize almost any office, and below are some tips for simple ways to make a big impact on the way your office looks. 

How to Upgrade to a Sleek and Modern Office

Take Advantage of Smart Devices

Study after study has shown that worker engagement is greatly enhanced in businesses with strong digital cultures. By including things like smart lights, smart speakers, and a smart thermostat, you not only help develop an efficient work routine, you will help develop a culture that is innovative and confident.

Use Glass

Using glass wall panels, a sliding glass whiteboard, or even glass space dividers will allow you to kill two birds with one stone. In the first place, glass has a sleek and modern esthetic that makes a significant impact on your office’s ambiance. In the second, glass, by its very nature, lets light filter in and around the office without being blocked by opaque objects.

Speaking of light…

Light is so much more important than people realize. Humans think, act, and feel far better with plenty of sunlight. You have probably experienced it in your own daily life, but it is easy to forget that the same thing happens to office morale. Aside from using glass to maximize sunlight, there is a lot you can do to make sure your office is lit properly. Pay attention to what color lightbulb you are using. Pick a shade that mimics natural sunlight – the bulbs will usually be clearly marked regarding what type of bulb produces what type of light. Also do not be afraid to update the light fixtures themselves. Upgrading the fixtures provides an opportunity to add more light as well. If you do not have the money to spend on any of this, at least consider having a few more sources of light installed or brought in.

Plants, Plants, Plants

Until your office starts to feel like a tropical rainforest, adding plants tends to bring life into an office environment. Humans evolved to be around plants, not around brick walls. There is something visceral in us that makes us happier around plant life. Whatever it is, plants are a very inexpensive way to make the office more inviting and improve overall morale.


Try adding some unusual or unique plants. You can grow many interesting small trees and fruits indoors that you could never grow outside in your climate. Things like lime trees, banana trees, pomegranate bushes, and pineapple plants can all be grown indoors pretty easily (provided you give them enough light). These plants can become a point of pride and excitement that helps keep people working effectively and efficiently together.

Revisit your Choice of Furniture

Even if you have gotten new furniture fairly recently, it is worthwhile to consider adding or changing your furnishings. In today’s world, employees want everything connected – even the furniture. Choose comfortable and modern furnishings that at least include power outlets and USB ports. It is also smart to get furniture that encourages collaboration. Good couches, coffee tables, and even crazier things like a pool table have a proven track record of facilitating collaboration in many of today’s fastest-moving companies.

Include Your Brand

Since doing an office refurbishment usually takes a coat or two of paint anyway, now is a great time to get your brand on the wall. You can also include inspiring quotes or just a mural. The walls make up most of what we see when we look around. Though they are in the background of our conscious minds, a bland and boring beige all-around can limit drive and creativity. A little bit of color or embellishment can make a huge difference in the atmosphere.

How to Upgrade to a Sleek and Modern Office

Use Big Monitors

There is a very good chance that you and/or your employees spend the bulk of the day working on computers. So much so, in fact, that it has really become an extension of the office itself. Given that the monitor will be looked at for most of the day, it is well worth the money to upgrade it to be comfortable, wide, and crisp. The same goes with the computers themselves: a slow computer not only makes people work more slowly, but it is also very frustrating and can make people less content.

You do not have to incorporate every suggestion here, of course; however, if you have not taken a good look at the aesthetic of your office and asked yourself if it is conducive to a positive, efficient, and innovative culture, now is the time to do so. Even adapting a few upgrades can make a difference, and a full re-do might just give you that “wow!” factor needed to get you over the top.

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