The Jawbone UP2 vs UP3: Which One is Right For You?

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On the surface the Jawbone UP2 and the Jawbone UP3 look pretty similar, with the Jawbone UP2 is a little smaller and lighter than the UP3. The next noticeable difference lies in the price tag with the Jawbone UP2 coming in a bit less than it’s counterpart at $99.99 versus $179.99 for the Jawbone UP3. What could cause the price difference? Lets take a look.

These wearable activity trackers from one of our favorite brands, Jawbone, have quite a few things in common. To begin with, they both access the free UP App where you can see personalized insights and advice thanks to Smart Coach. Of course both of these activity trackers track your activity including steps, calories burned and even your sleep habits. You also have the option of keeping a food log, setting goals, challenging family and friends to duels and accessing leaderboards. In an effort to create a more active you, they also feature a Smart Alarm and Idle Alert. Last but not least, both have a battery life of up to 7 days and come in black or silver.

The Difference

So what sets the Jawbone UP3 apart from the UP2? It comes down to Heart Health Monitoring and Advanced Sleep Tracking. With the Heart Health Monitoring, the Jawbone UP3 uses bioimpedance sensors to look at your heart rate and skin temperature in order to track your sleep phases with a high degree of accuracy. Plus, in addition to regular Sleep Tracking capabilities, Advanced Sleep Tracking adds an additional dimension to understanding your sleep quality by tracking REM (the phase of sleep where dreams occur) and deep sleep. According to the NIH, getting enough sleep in the REM phase is vital to mental health quality.


So which one is right for you?

The difference between the two activity trackers really lies within the big picture. If you’re someone who is just looking to become more active in your daily life while keeping track of food and helping you reach goals then the Jawbone UP2 has you covered. However, the heart rate monitor and advanced sleep tracking capabilities come into play if you’re looking for a more well rounded picture on everything that affects your health. As most people know, sleep plays an important role in health, while reaching your target heart rates is crucial to successful cardio and fat burn during exercise. If you’re serious about either of these two, then the Jawbone UP3 is the wearable tech solution for you.

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  1. I really need to get something that tests my sleep patterns, since I don’t sleep that well. I’ll have to look into the up3.

  2. I have been thinking about purchasing an activity tracker to help me loose a few pounds for my upcoming wedding. I think the jawbone up2 might be just what I need!!


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