Keys to Surviving a Florida Summer

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When it comes to surviving the heat in Florida, the truth is, a lot of the time we don’t. That being said, hopefully this list will help you when it comes to dealing gracefully with the insane heat that goes hand in hand with living in Florida.

Shade Is Key

Whether you’re looking for a nice place in the fantastic Flagler Village area of Fort Lauderdale, or directly on the sun drenched beaches of Miami, be sure that your place offers lots of opportunities for shade. The nice Florida weather means you’ll likely spend more time outside than in, so you’ll need it when you’re spending time in your yard. Plan an area for a gazebo or covered porch. And if you happen to get a place that doesn’t have a garage, definitely consider planting a nice shade tree over the driveway. 

palm trees florida summer

Always Be Prepared

In Florida, you’re never too far from a beach. Because of this, you should always be prepared to hit the waves with a beach towel and a cute little beach outfit. (Check out our guide on finding the correct swimsuit for your body type). You never know when the feeling of sand between your toes and the sound of the waves will start their siren song. Don’t forget your hat and sunglasses either. You’ll need them.

Protect Your Car

It seems like in Florida, the sun is brighter than it is in other places and this can wreak havoc on your car interior. Keep a car sunshade handy and be prepared to use it often. This will protect your dashboard and the front interior of your vehicle from the harsh rays of the sun. It can also work to keep the car a little cooler – it will still be an oven, but a few degrees cooler than it would be without one.


Let’s be honest, Florida has bugs. Lots of bugs and there’s no escaping them. They’re everywhere. From mosquitoes to palmetto bugs, also known as flying roaches (and they really do fly right at you!), to spiders that bite, there’s a ton of them to worry about. If you want them to stay away from you, invest in some good bug spray to use when you’re outdoors. These critters are known for attacking you when you least expect it. If you use a bug repellent, at least a few of them will leave you alone. Hopefully.

florida rainstorm


If you happen to live in the Tampa area, you can pretty much set your watch by the afternoon rainstorms in the summer. That being said, it rains everywhere in Florida in the summer, just not with the precision as in Tampa. The point is for you to be prepared. If you’re scared of getting a little wet, keep an umbrella or raincoat handy (although it’s really too hot for a raincoat). Also of note is the fact that a lot of the time, the rain doesn’t really cool it off much. It only makes things muggier.


In Florida, it’s pretty much a case of water, water everywhere. However, you also need to keep a bottle of water on you. It’s hot enough that it’s easy to get dehydrated or overheated. Water can literally save your life. Just think, if you’re driving along and have a breakdown in the middle of nowhere, you’ll be glad you have a bottle of water on hand. (Of course, this holds true anywhere you are!)

In the end  – just a keep calm and carry on. It’s summer, it’s Florida, and yes, you’ll be hot. You’ll also be alright. Florida has its challenges, but let’s face it – the beaches make it worth every single one of them!


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