Mastering New Motherhood with the Levana Baby Monitor

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As a soon to be first time mom, I am anxious about a lot of things. One of the things I think about most is how I am going to function when I am not with my son at all times. Thus far, I have been able to carry him with me everywhere. No matter where I am or what I am doing, he is right there. I can be sure that he is safe and cared for, but what happens when he arrives? What will I do when he needs to nap and I have a million and one things to do? I will have to actually let him out of my sight! I am going to have to be in a different room than him! As scary as that seems, Levana has the technology to ease my new mother jitters.

The Ayden video monitor is a wireless handheld video monitor (one of the few wireless monitors on the market) that allows parents to do more while ensuring their children are safe. Levana is a leader in technology, and they exclusively make baby monitors which means all their effort is spent perfecting their product. They provide incredible products that help keep some sanity in the days of new parenthood. Way back in 2002 they came out with their first handheld baby video monitor, and the last twelve years have been spent perfecting it. The new Ayden model has a 48 hour battery life, a 3.5 inch screen, invisible LED night vision, temperature monitoring, and much more to keep your baby safe and allow you to do more!

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The camera and video monitor are wireless to help prevent a potential strangulation hazard, and it offers convenient features to help me get through those first sleepless weeks. Even in the dark of night, the camera picks up images up to fifteen feet away so I can easily view my baby at any hour without having to tiptoe into the room and risk waking him up. Right from the handheld monitor I can also turn on one of the three lullabies that the camera plays or turn on the soft night light before I sneak in for a late night feeding.

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With the handheld screen, I can clip it on and run downstairs to change a load of laundry or grab the mail. If he starts crying, the microphone button on the monitor is a two-way intercom so I can soothe my baby with calming words until I can get to him. From time to time, I’ll have to make conference calls to check in with work. While taking a call, I can turn the monitor volume down, and the smart LED Indicator Ring on the monitor will inform me if the baby is crying. The LED Ring changes color depending on the noise level so I can see with just a glance if the baby is quietly sleeping, cooing happily, or crying out.

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The ClearVu digital wireless technology means I have a secure connection whereas others can potentially be hacked. PTZ cameras are used in the monitor which means the video is transmitted from camera to base using a light beam unlike other cameras that use sliding metal to metal contact that make them susceptible to wear and tear as well as dust. The PTZ camera technology makes it quieter and more reliable. Once I get the hang of this thing they called motherhood, I might just want to add another little one to the family. With this Levana Baby Monitor, I can add more cameras to the same monitor! I can have multiple views on the handheld monitor and keep up with life while I keep an eye on my little ones. Best of all, the Levana monitor is one of the most affordable monitors on the market. At only $119.00 you can do more for less.

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Just like every mother, there is a whole world of tasks that I need to tend to, but with a new baby, the focus of my world will shift. Now, that I have the Levana Baby Monitor, I will be able to get housework done, check emails, and maybe even work off some of the post-pregnancy weight all while I watch my little angel on the wireless monitor. New motherhood won’t be easy, but Levana will be there to help.

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