Your Beach or Poolside Secret Weapon to a Flawless Finish

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Ok, so “blur” isn’t exactly the term I would use when describing my face. Kind of makes me think of that old joke about someone being “a Picasso”. You know, the old pretty from afar but far from pretty joke. And while I’m not admitting to approaching a certain age nor am I admitting that I may or may not have wrinkles, I am going to say the more I think about it, the more I am starting to like the word BLUR.

Enter L’Oreal’s new Revitalift Miracle Blur Instant Skin Smoother finishing cream. They say it’s not a moisturizer. And I agree it isn’t. It works best when applied after your favorite moisturizer. Yet somehow it makes your skin feel smoother than ever. They say it’s more than a primer. And I agree on this front as well. Even though it looks and feels just like a primer, it also looks and feels like it does MORE.

They say it instantly erases the look of lines, wrinkles and pores. You can be the judge – just take a look for yourself at my before/after pictures.


The above is simply moisturizer + Miracle Blur. While I love it’s matte finish and how it practically erases my fine lines and wrinkles, I’ll tell you that it gets better if used under your foundation. My preference is to go as natural as possible and brush some loose powder over the top, but if you use this under a full or medium coverage liquid or cream foundation, then you’ll really see a difference!

But since I’m a beach girl and sunshine lover – the best part of this is probably the broad spectrum SPF 30. It’s a GREAT option to throw on for the pool or beach where your face may get wet or sweaty and you don’t want to deal with foundation lines or funny coloring. It’s translucent so no one will know why your face looks so fabulous “naked”!

7 thoughts on “Your Beach or Poolside Secret Weapon to a Flawless Finish”

  1. Ha! I don’t mind admitting that I am getting closer to that age. But I wouldn’t mind “Blurring” out some of the perfections in real life that I would choose to photoshop out later. Will have to try this!


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